March 05, 2012

Picture Post of Jax

This morning I had an appointment to visit a preschool we're considering for Sadie this fall.  I was worried about having all three kids, so I did something drastic and called a friend (Marie Enfante) to see if she would watch Jax for me while I ran this errand. She happily agreed even though it was last minute.  This was the first time I've left just Jax with anyone other than family.  And I'm embarrassed to admit that I balled my eyes out.  It took me at least 20 minutes to get my act together after I dropped him off.

Jax was upset for the first few minutes but then had a splendid time.  When I picked it up he didn't even want to leave.  Marie did crafts with the kids (she has a beautiful son a few months older than Jax) and they watched a video and played with all of Issac's cool toys.  I was so grateful for her kindness!  The preschool trip was much more enjoyable without having to supervise curious little Jax.

I suppose because I missed him so much this morning all I wanted to do was take pictures of him this afternoon.  He's such a handsome little boy and so sweet and fun to be around.  We're sure blessed to have him in our family!

Here are a few pictures of him from the last couple of days.....

Some from today.....

This was one of the crafts he made with Marie.

He loves this little baby doll.  He'll be an excellent father one day :)

We're still waiting for one more tooth to come through.  Do you see the space?


Johnson Family said...

So did you like the preschool you went to? I signed Derek up for preschool last week. He could technically go to kindergarten, but he has a September birthday which would make him the youngest in his class most likely. We're going to wait another year instead, but put him in preschool a few days a week. I'm sure he'll enjoy the time away while Tyler and the new baby nap in the afternoon.
I'm glad to see Jax survived his time away from you. I actually think dropping your kids off is harder on the parent than the child. Sure, they cry for a minute, but then they have a lot of fun with the new toys, friends, and surroundings.

Alicia said...

I wasn't crazy about the preschool. It was suppose to be a great Montessori preschool but the facilities were old and dirty looking. Also, the kids weren't well supervised. Sadie stayed and played on the swing sets with one of the classes while I went on the tour and NO ONE was watching her. Some little boy even came up and pushed her and there wasn't a teacher at all close by to witness it. I saw another little boy hitting two little girls and fighting over a toy, and again, no teacher saw it. The ratio was 2 teachers to 18 kids. I didn't like that. PLus it was a long drive. So, no, we won't be going to that one. We'll keep looking. Good luck with Derek! I'm sure he'll love it. Sadie looked so excited to see kids her age playing and doing fun things. I hope she'll adjust okay.

Unknown said...

Alicia, in light of your recent post about photography I thought I should comment on these pictures! I love them! I love Jax, really, but I also really like these pictures of him. These are the quality kind of pictures worth paying money for.