March 25, 2012

Isaac's Monster Birthday Party

Marie (Jax's Nursery Leader) and Isaac (Jax's great friend) with Daddy Chris.
We went to the most amazing birthday party yesterday.  Craftiness doesn't come to easily for me but I do appreciate the work of others.  Marie is amazing!  Check this out....

The food was delicious!  They are from the Philippines and take their food seriously.

Marie had cake, cupcakes, monster cookies, and jello.  Yum!

These were beach balls attached to a banner and each child took one home.

The pinata...always fun!


Amazing, right?


Unknown said...

Isaac’s monster themed birthday took my heart away. Even my kid would love this theme. Actually he is turning 8 soon and I want to do something special for him so will like to host an outdoor surprise bash. I will be reserving one of the best venues in Los Angeles for this bash.

Serasvae said...

Where did you get that size trifold for the monster photo booth?!
Love this theme! Great job!