March 11, 2012

Most Commonly Spoken Phrase In Our Home.... "No screaming Mo!"  

He's a screamer.  And it's not even a manly scream.  It's the high and squeeky, glass-shattering type.  Ah, it's AWFUL!

He especially likes to scream in the car.  Jax starts to cry and says over and over "No skeeming Mo, no skeeming Mo."  It's so sad and pathetic and hilarious to hear him say it.

Do you feel bad for me?  You should. You really should.  My mom doesn't even like to ride in the car with us anymore.  Do you Mom?  Gives her a headache.  It gives us all one!


Sharla said...

Reading this reminded me of Natalie when she was a baby. It was truly deafening. The bad news? She is a now a very loud 3 year old. The good news? Words are easier to listen to than screams.

Mary Meyers said...

I would ride in your car with you and your 3 precious kids any time, any where!!!! I have headaches everyday anyway!!!