March 25, 2012

Hyde Park Chalk Walk

Sarah, Julie, and I took the kids to Hyde Park's Chalk Art Walk last week.  I'm not sure the kids were that impressed but I sure was.  They mostly just wanted to play at the art wall and in the water at a little fountain. 

This artist said it takes him 14 - 16 hours to complete his Mona Lisa drawing.

Sadie likes to take this camera and pink purse on all our outings.  She is always taking pictures of things.  Wonder why?

Amazing elephant!  This was one of Jax's favorites.

An 8 year old boy was creating this drawing.  My kids were the most impressed by his. 
 The art wall.....

Sadie drew on the ground with this marker instead of the wall.  I think it was washable marker - hopefully!

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