July 28, 2009

18 Months Old!

Sadie turned the big 1 - 8 last week! It's hard to believe that it's been a year and a half since she was born, but at the same time it feels like she's been part of our family a lot longer than that, too. She's definitely revolutionized our lives with now new priorities, activities, and challenges. The first year was pretty tough, but life lately is pure joy. She's well-behaved (for the most part), happy all the time, becoming more social, going to sleep more happily, starting to sleep through the night again, playing more independently, and understanding us more and more. Whatever stress and difficulties she put us through the first year, she's more than making up for lately! Although she is a lot more spunky and emotional than Ben and I - she's the perfect fit for our family. I think she'll help to lighten us up and I know she'll keep us laughing through life. She is such a blessing!

(My favorite thing about Sadie is her bright eyes and her smile which she generously shares.)

(Sadie shown above dancing to 'Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star'. She definitely inherited Ben's dancing genes!)

(Sadie has a slight obsession with carrying the laundry basket around the house and depositing treasures into it. )

(Above, Sadie is shown carrying my ForEyes bag as if it's a handbag. Again- she deposits all her little discoveries into the bag for safekeeping)

(Sadie can be seen above having a pensive moment.)

(Here Sadie is shown playing out back. Since our Utah trip she loves to run through the grass and 'outside' is one of her favorite words.)

(The face shown above means it's bedtime. Another delightful day in the life of Sadie is over. Many more still to come!)

(Pictures courtesy of Sarah's camera! Sarah - Thank you for always sharing what you have. Me and the D200 are in a love affair - I barely put it down all day yesterday!! Ben's feeling jealous.)

(Don't worry though - I treat it with the utmost care and kindness!!)

July 16, 2009

Look-a-Like Contest

These are the four grandkids on Ben's side of the family all born in the same year. Who do you think looks the most alike? The upper left corner is Logan, upper right is Sadie, lower left is Jadyn, and lower right is Derek.

My vote (you may wonder) is that none of them look a like. I think they are each uniquely different and I can't seem to pick out many overlapping physical features. It makes me wonder if my genetics teacher was telling the truth in class!

July 10, 2009

Trampoline Fun

Ben's family has had a trampoline for many, many years and it continues to provide hours of entertainment for us whenever we visit. Sadly, I did not get a picture of Cliffie doing her famous 'swivel hip' maneuver, but just know that she's got moves that are unbelievable for someone in their sixties! One day, hopefully, I'll get them on video!!!
Above: Natalie is shown doing her midair split. She is the highest jumper I have ever seen.

Aunt Desiree shown on her way up.

Desiree on her way down. (Note: Desiree, I hope you don't mind me posting this picture :) (Additional note: no one was injured in the making of this photograph - but it's still best NOT to try this at home.)

Ben is still able to effortlessly and gracefully do his flips and other stunts.Ben is shown above rejoicing that he did not break any bones.

Marissa rocks out as we wait for fireworks to begin.

Natalie's Homecoming

We always look forward to our yearly summer Utah trip, and this trip was especially neat because Natalie, Ben's little sister, just returned home from serving a mission in Rome, Italy. We were able to be their for her homecoming talk in church on June 28th. Ben's Aunt Nancy and Uncle Richard, who have been serving missions in the beautiful and wonderful place of Tampa, Florida, also gave their homecoming talks in church the same day.

Sidenote: Ben's family has a smart neighborhood setup - his grandma is their nextdoor neighbor on their west side, Nancy and Richard are on their east side, and his Uncle Vince had a house just adjacent to them. So, they all live in the same ward, mow each other's lawns, share their things, and get to visit with each other often. Cliffie has two other sisters and they live close by, too. But not close enough to be in the same ward.

Anyways, my estimation is that there were an extra 80 to 100 people in sacrament meeting that day to support Nancy, Richard, and Natalie. Many of them drove 3 or 4 hours to be there. His family is super supportive like that. We were able to visit with Ben's cousins, aunts, uncles, other relatives, and family friends. Joseph, Julie, and Christy also came to Heber. It was a really neat day.

Interesting facts about Natalie:
  • She is an excellent cook
  • Studying Interior Design at BYU
  • Huge fan of BYU football
  • Has put up with having 5 older brothers
  • Loves children and is so good with them
  • Currently works at a bank
  • Has been diabetic since she was 15 months old
  • She is the girl version of Ben
  • Sadie looks a lot like Natalie did as a little girl
  • Has been studying Italian for many years, even since before her mission

July 07, 2009

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

The past ten days we have spent visiting with family; enjoying their soft grass, cool nights, and magnificent scenery in good ole' Utah. At the beginning and end of the trip we visited with Christy, Joe, Julie and Quatro. The first day we went to a park by Ensign Peak and threw the frisby and football. Sadie absolutely loved and laughed her way through the hour we spent there, so on our return visit we took her back again. The park sits high against the hills and overlooks all of Salt Lake City. It's really breathtaking and the park is surprisingly unused.

(Above Christy and Sadie are seen on the ball field. Look at the view!)

(Joe tosses a ball to Ben. That's what brothers are for.)

(Joseph seen here smashing a ball to left field. He is in his element in the moment.)

(Cliffie came along for the festivities on our second visit. She was so kind to watch Baby Joseph in the shade so Julie could play, too.)

(Note here: I've never been able to get a fabulous picture of Cliffie and Sadie - after hundreds of attempts. This is the first picture I took of Cliffie and Baby Joseph and I think it's great. Why can't I get one like this for Sadie?)

(Sadie shown above loving every moment of the fun. She must have run a marathon this day. I think she thought we were having a giant Easter egg hunt.)

(Meanwhile Baby Joseph had fallen asleep. What a good baby he is!)

(Family Picture)

Much more of Utah to come! Still retouching the pictures....standby.