September 28, 2011

Holding Hands

While doing Ring Around the Rosie during story time at the library a few weeks ago I heard a little boy complaining about Sadie not holding his hand correctly. I glanced over to see what she was doing and she had him gripped around the wrist. He kept trying to grab her hand and she just kept holding tight to his wrist. I thought this was strange but didn't give much more thought to it. A few days ago I was out on a walk with Sadie taking random pictures of 'Everyday Life Moments' (as I think of them) and happened to take this picture:

Then it hit me. I always hold my children's hands with my index finger in their palm and the rest of my hand around their wrist. That way if they trip I have a strong hold and they won't fall and get hurt. Do all parents do this? I honestly don't know.

Well, I was taking pictures again today and Sadie was trying to hold Jax's hand. It brought a smile to my face to see Sadie's strange hand holding grip and Jax walking along thinking it was perfectly normal to be held by the wrist.

Can't you just see them as teenagers one day trying to hold their dates' hands this way? I've messed them up. Poor little things!

As a side note, a friend once mentioned one of their greatest joys in life is the feeling of holding a child's hand. I've tried and tested it and - YES! - it's the sweetest feeling. Wouldn't you agree?

My Rear View Mirror

It's sure hard to focus on my driving when I've got a view like this in my rear view mirror. Such cuteness!

September 24, 2011

An Evening at the Pool

Summer is starting to draw to a close.  I will be sad to see it go.  We love our evenings at the pool.  It's such a refreshing and calming end to a beautiful summers day.  It will be nice to have cooler fall weather soon, though.  We'll be able to take walks and visit the parks again.  That will be fun, too.  And soon enough it will be summer again and we'll be able to take all three kiddos swimming.  There are great times up ahead, that's for sure. 

Bug Bite

Jax got a bug bite on his forehead and his eye lid swelled up.  Would you be worried?  He's been getting quite a few bites lately and we can't figure out what type of bites they are or where they're coming from.  Poor little man!  I feel like an unfit parent.

September 23, 2011

Weeki Wachi Springs Park

We celebrated another birthday in our family this past week.  Ben turned the big 3-2!  Wow....we are sure getting old.

I convinced Ben to take the day off of work.  Originally I was going to be at my mom's house for Joy School and the plan was to let Ben have the morning all to himself to be free and do whatever his heart desired.  However, Jax came down with a cold (only his third, I'm proud to say) so we couldn't be around the other kids.  So, we've been wanting to go to Weeki Wachi Springs Park for a while and decided it would be a good day to go.  They have a little water park area, underwater theater, shows, and a boat ride.  It really wasn't the coolest of places but we had a blast.  Well, I had a blast.  I'm not sure about everyone else.  Sadie kept saying, "Let's go to the park now." I had to explain to her we were at the park.  She thought there would be swings and slides.  Apparently mermaids, alligators, and boats aren't nearly as fun as swings and slides.  Oh well :) I think she still enjoyed the experience.

This was during the show.  The toddlers had no idea what to think about the experience.
A wicked witch jumped out like 5 seconds after this pictures was taken and scared the kids to death -
McKay especially.  I had to take him out.  

Ben made the comment that he felt like we were one of the main attractions at the park.  There were probably a grand total of 20 people there and only one child other than our three.  All 20 of us would caravan from show to show and everyone was watching us and our kids just as much as they were watching the entertainment.  The park must be government funded because I don't think our entrance fees could have even covered the cost of the employees that day!

Anyways, the next show was all about animals and afterwards they let the audience (all 20 of us) pet their alligator.  Sadie was very excited and showed little apprehension.  She really loves all types of animals!  Unlike her brother who is content to watch from a distance.

Notice his mouth is not bound.
After I let her pet the alligator I thought maybe I should have been more careful.
Even the little ones can do some damage! 

We went on our boat ride along the springs after the animals show.  It was beautiful along the river and so relaxing.  Jax and McKay became so relaxed that they both fell asleep.  Sadie just kept asking if we were going to go the the park soon...."We're at the park, Sadie."  She just wanted swings and slides though.  Kids nowadays!  Anyways, Ben and I quite enjoyed ourselves.

When we arrived back home Ben took a nice, long nap.  I'm pretty sure that was his most favorite present and happiest time of the day :)  I made Chicken Cordon Bleu for dinner, then we watched Anastasia with the kids, and then watched Jane Eyre once the kids were asleep.  It was a fun day.  The following pictures I snapped while we waited for dinner to finish cooking....

He really is so painfully cute!

Touchdown!  (We weren't watching BYU football I would assume :) )

Jax fell asleep yet again during dinner.  He was really worn out.  Poor kid!
I love Ben.  I LOVE Ben's babies!  I love where we're at in life.  I have chosen my love and I love my choice.

September 16, 2011

Joy School

Sadie had her first day of Joy School this past Wednesday.

She would not pose with this sign.  This was the best picture I could capture!  
Does it look like a mug shot to you?

Joy School is just a value based parent led preschool.  We're actually only doing it once a week and then once a week we're going to do a lesson with just our own child at home.  I think this is the perfect thing for Sadie.  She's definitely not ready for 'real' preschool but I felt like I wanted to get her in some type of slightly structured program.  I hope she'll like it.  All three moms stayed the first week, I'm teaching next week, and the week after she'll need to fly solo.  I hope there won't be tears :)

Captured quickly as we were leaving for Joy School.
She would only wear this dress and loved wearing her backpack.
She was not thrilled about going.  I've been mentioning it to her for the past week and she would get upset and tell me, "No, I don't want to go."  On her first morning she refused to get dressed, eat breakfast, go to the bathroom, etc. It was quite a fight to get her out the door and we were 20 minutes late because of it.  However, once we got there she had a fabulous time.  They had free play, did painting, had their lesson, read books, had a snack, and played tag outside.  The other two students, Emerson and Issac, were fabulous with her and included her in everything.  I think she'll love it once she warms up to the idea of it!  Yeah for Joy School!

September 15, 2011

The Little Engine That Could

Guess who road her little tricycle all the way to the park and back.....

She kept talking to her bike also. "Come on bike, come up here," "Wait here bike. I'll be right back."  It was pretty funny.

Ben and I were shocked she went so far.  It was probably a mile round trip.  She made it look easy and sure seemed pleased with herself for going so far.  Our little girl is growing up *sniff, sniff*.

September 12, 2011

Dear Grandma Cliffie

Dear Grandma,

I cried my eyes out the whole drive home from the airport.  Finally Mom told me if I would stop crying that I could watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Well, I did stop after that, but my heart was still sad inside.

Your bed is still sitting in my room and I look at it longingly and ask my mom if you are coming back.  She says you are but she's not sure when....maybe Christmas or sometime next year?  That will be so fun!  I sure liked having you as a roommate.  It made me feel safe and happy.

It was also fun to have my hair done so beautifully every day.  I think it's really amazing how you can sleep with those weird circles things in your hair.  Are you sure they don't hurt your head?  

I had so much fun at the pool, at the baseball game, and at the library.  Mom's too nervous to go out by herself with us three kids and I miss going places and doing things.  She'll get brave again soon though I think.

I love you,



Dear Grandma Fhe-Fhe,

Boy do I miss you!

I sure get a lot of nice compliments about my new haircut.  You did a very nice job.  Hopefully Mom will be able to remember what you taught her so I can always have nicely trimmed hair.

When I was crying in my crib tonight I thought of you and how you rocked me to sleep.  I thought, "If Grandma were here she wouldn't let me cry." But Dad said he had already rocked me for 45 minutes and enough was enough.  But don't worry - I only cried for 5 minutes and then went to sleep.  I just do it because I like their attention :)  I'm not really upset though!

Sadie says that you're probably going to come visit at Christmas!  Is it true?!?!  I'll sure be looking forward to you reading me books, playing with the balls, and cooking us yummy food.  I won't forget you - I promise!

Your loving perfect grandson,



Oh Grandma Cliffie,

My mom fed me way more often and was sure a lot happier when you were around!  Now she keeps telling me to 'hold on' and 'wait just a minute'.  It's just not the same without you here.

But Jax told me that you are definitely coming at Christmas!  I'm so excited.  I'll try not to change too much in the next few months.  Mom says I'm not allowed to grow up and I'm trying not to but it just keeps happening.  I'll try harder though.

It was nice how you always held me and made me smile.  You're sure a great grandma and I really love you.

Why does my mom always dress me in embarrassing outfits?
Will you talk to her about that?
See you soon,

Baby McKay


We love you Grandma Cliffie!  
Thanks for coming and thanks for all your help!!!

September 05, 2011

McKay is are you :)

Yesterday (9.4.11) was McKay's baby blessing day.  The poor little fella cried his eyes out. He started with a low whimper and by the end he was howling. As soon as Ben handed him back to me he fell right to sleep in my arms and was good the rest of the meeting.  Ben did a beautiful job, as always.

We dressed him in dark pants, white shirt, and tie - his father's request. He looked like a little missionary. It was darling.

The family congregated to our home after the meetings where we had a nice meal and lovely conversation.  I really do enjoy living close to family and having get togethers.  It's also great to have their support for events like this.

I hope McKay knows how much we love him and how blessed he is to have such a great extended family.  We sure adore the little guy!

I find this photo hilarious.
We had a very difficult time getting the kids to stay in position and this was the best we got.
They were two hours late for their naps and not in a cooperative mood.
Do you see Jax trying to eat grass, Sadie's pouty face, and
McKay looking stressed with his hand to his forehead?  Funny, I think.

Sadie was in a full, wailing cry by this point.  Poor kid was worn out!