September 28, 2011

Holding Hands

While doing Ring Around the Rosie during story time at the library a few weeks ago I heard a little boy complaining about Sadie not holding his hand correctly. I glanced over to see what she was doing and she had him gripped around the wrist. He kept trying to grab her hand and she just kept holding tight to his wrist. I thought this was strange but didn't give much more thought to it. A few days ago I was out on a walk with Sadie taking random pictures of 'Everyday Life Moments' (as I think of them) and happened to take this picture:

Then it hit me. I always hold my children's hands with my index finger in their palm and the rest of my hand around their wrist. That way if they trip I have a strong hold and they won't fall and get hurt. Do all parents do this? I honestly don't know.

Well, I was taking pictures again today and Sadie was trying to hold Jax's hand. It brought a smile to my face to see Sadie's strange hand holding grip and Jax walking along thinking it was perfectly normal to be held by the wrist.

Can't you just see them as teenagers one day trying to hold their dates' hands this way? I've messed them up. Poor little things!

As a side note, a friend once mentioned one of their greatest joys in life is the feeling of holding a child's hand. I've tried and tested it and - YES! - it's the sweetest feeling. Wouldn't you agree?


Tiffany Feger said...

i tried to get a picture of isaac holding onto my finger back on dylan's 1st 1st day of kindergarten, but then resorted to taking a picture of our shaddow b/c i had the wrong lense on my camera and couldn't focus that close.

but then when we were walking accross a busy street and steven was holding isaac's hand, i was secretly mad at steven for not holding onto isaac better b/c isaac tripped and fell and scraped his knee pretty bad.

so i think we hold their hands differently depending on who wants to do the holding. i love it when isaac and i don't need to hold hands walking down our sidewalk. and i told you about "pocket time" when we're in a parking lot and my hands are full.

i like all the ways:)

Johnson Family said...

Cute post Alicia. It's fun to capture everyday moments as well family events going on. Now you'll remember how your kids hold hands because you've got in on camera.
By the way, I think Sadie looks so much like you in the picture of her and Jax holding hands. Quite a resemblance.