October 16, 2011

O Natalie, Where Art Thou?

O Natalie, where are thou?

Thou hast traversed the great divide.
Relief from the strain of parenthood thou didst provide.

With sleepless nights and early mornings.
Did we not give thee fair enough warning?

The opportunity for us to nap, thou didst supply.
Those naps breathed life, or else we would die.

When it was time for the school called "Joy"
I took the girl and thou took the boy(s).

O what fun we had with the bubbles
And with the popcorn we had no trouble.

Not once did thou wish for fun or outing.
"Sufficient," you said, "Just to watch the kids sprouting."

We thought to ourselves, "What would she like?"
The Tampa singles ward? Maybe she'll meet a nice guy named Mike!

Or the beach for a beautiful sunset.
But alas, it was too cold to get wet.

One evening thou didst watch the li'l ones,
Whilst we dated and had our great funs.

Our house thou didst decorate,
The payment not even close to commensurate.

When wilt thou return to us?
Without thee our life is such a bust.

O what happiness thou wilt bring,
To the prince who'll someday bequeath thee a ring.

And to the li'l poppers which thou wilt create,
What an amazing mother, they will say "She's great!"


Natalie said...

You are so sweet! Thanks for the lovely poem. I had the best time and wish I was still there! I loved every minute! (Ok, except when the pediatrician tortured Jax & MoeKai.) I have decided that when I have children of my own, you will raise them! You're amazing, and I love you a lot. Thanks again for everything. Give Ben a big hug, and give the kids hugs and kisses and don't let them forget how much I love them!

Alicia said...

Thanks Natalie! We loved your company. You're so easy to have around. Please, please come again soon :)