October 20, 2011


Things are looking up again in the world.  Either my kids read the post and corrected their behavior or someone out there is praying for me or something.  Sadie and Jax both took 2 or 3 hour naps on Monday and Tuesday of this week.  It was delightful!  And they're much more pleasant to be around in the afternoons when they're well rested.  I'm loving motherhood again.  I love my little babies. Is it time for another one yet Ben?  Just kidding :)

Thanks to Lori's comments in a previous post I've instituted "OPERATION: Independence" this week. I'm trying to teach Sadie more things and help her find ways to meet her own needs (and Jax's when possible). It's going great.  Today she learned how to fast forward through commercials :) Always a helpful skill to know.  I'm also buying a taller step stool so she can reach the faucet to wash her hands by herself and I've been trying to keep fresh bottles/sippy cups in the fridge so she can get herself or Jax one when they need it.  That's helped!  I can see the look of pride on Sadie's face each time she is able to be independent.  It's been a great change for both of us.

In other news the kids and I have started our first ever garden out back.  We went to Lowe's and bought 2x6x10's and Ben built us a little plot.  You should have seen me walking through the store. I had three kids (two of which were crying/fussing at any given time - Jax wanted out of the cart, Sadie wanted a different cart, and McKay wanted to be held).  I was walking around with lumber double the length of the cart, carrying a baby in my arms, and pushing the cart with one hand.  It was embarrassing!  Those Mr. Fix It Men gave me some strange looks. It didn't help that Sadie kept saying quite loudly, "Mommy be careful....Don't hurt that man, Mommy....Mommy, you're going to hit that." *slap to head* Awe, kids.  Gotta love 'em. And she walks around waving to everyone as if she's on a float in a parade.  She is quite the kiddo.

I'm becoming a homebody because of incidents like the one above.  When I'm home I can usually keep everyone happy.  Also, McKay is usually a good baby when we're home but he is very challenging when we go places.  The other two would fall asleep in the car or sleep in their car seat in a store. Not McKay.  Nope!  So, I'm learning it's easier and best to just be home, and I'm actually enjoying it too.  With the cooler fall weather we've been spending lots of time outside and it's great.  So relaxing! So, I'm a homebody now and loving it.  Well, most of the time.

Now may I take a moment to thank my mother-in-law.  Dear Cliffie, the greatest thing you've ever done for me (other than creating and raising your stellar son) is to have moved Sadie's bed time earlier.  She is asleep by 8PM every night.  I love it!  I've never had this much discretionary time in all my mommy life.  It's honestly what gets me through the days.  I know once 8 o'clock hits I am actually done for the day.  Well, at least until night feedings begin.  It's really quite heavenly and has made all the difference in my life.  Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

Guess what we're going to be for Halloween.  We're going for the Wizard of Oz theme!  Dorothy, Tin Man, Scarecrow, Wicked Witch, Todo (sp?), and the wizard or cowardly lion.  I'm very excited.  We're going to a fall festival/pumpkin patch this weekend.  FHE on Monday will include pumpkin carving and caramel covered apples as our treat.  I love holidays.  I especially love holidays with little kids around.  They make everything more exciting.  You know what I'm REALLY excited for.....Christmas!  I already have wrapped presents on top of the piano and I may have even asked Ben if we can set up the Christmas tree.  He wants to wait a little longer, though. I'm trying to be patient. I'm so, so, so excited for the hap-happiest season of all!

One more thought.  It helps me to put this in writing.  I had started "OPERATION: Weight Loss McKay" (I'm really into calling things 'Operations' lately) but things had stalled due to a cold we came down with a few weeks ago.  Well, I'm starting again.  That's all.  I've got a loooonnnnnngggggggg ways to go.  Like how about 20 lbs.  Yikes!  But, I'm starting.  It's slightly overwhelming to me, but it's time to make progress.  I feel like I'm trying to lose baby weight from two pregnancies instead of just one because I never really lost if after Jax.  If anyone has any weight loss tips - please share ;)  Much thanks.  Greatly appreciated.  Eat less, exercise more is a logical tip, wouldn't you say?  So simple, yet challenging.


Joe said...

For a minute there I imagined McKay on a treadmill. Then I understood that last operation.

What I can't get out of my imagination is the idea of Sadie waving to her adoring fans at the Home Depot. The world is Sadie's parade and we just showed up to watch. I'm going to have wonderful dreams tonight of Sadie in her parade.

Glad to hear life is manageable again.

Alicia said...


Alicia said...

Diatomaceous Earth

Sharla said...

I love your updates. That is so cute about Sadie waving in the cart. She and my Natalie are 2 of a kind. Also, welcome to the land of homebodies. It is so much easier!