March 30, 2012

Video of Jax

Jax is perfect again.  I think he's out of the 18 month difficult stage.  He's changing so much lately.  He's really a wonderful little kid.  He's everything a boy should be: slightly shy, tough, sweet, smart, patient, pensive, strong, and sporty.  I can't believe he's mine.  Blessed are we!

Snapshots from around here lately

This is where McKay sits if I get ready in the morning.  He always needs to be right with me or he fusses.

Joseph's third birthday party.

Jax's nursery class.  He's successfully made it three weeks in a row now all by himself.

McKay out for a walk.

Jax hugs McKay at least 20 times a day.  

We bought new phones so our old ones are toys now.

My mom bought this kiddie pool and the kids played in it for hours.

Jax fell asleep while reading his book on the drive home from Mimi's house.

Ben's home a lot more now.  Life is much happier again.

Sadie has hit a growth spurt.  She's really growing up.  Sniff, sniff.


1) We found the perfect preschool for Sadie.  I can't believe she's going to be starting preschool in the fall.  It's going to be a tearful few weeks around here when that happens.  Jax, Sadie, and I will all be crying.  I won't think about it until the time comes.

2) We've been super busy lately but I haven't been good about taking pictures.  Outings are still difficult but I'm attempting them more.  Let's see...this week we got together twice with Cricchio, twice with Sarah, once with KT, went to the mall, went to Target, and went to the library.  I even took all three kids to the pool with Cricchio!  The kids seem much more content and calmer than they did a month ago.  We're all happier when we stay active.  Although, it can be exhausting some days.

3) I hired a babysitter for the first time ever this past week.  It was Tara and Tessa Smith.  They came from 10 - 1PM on Tuesday, I think.  I vacuumed my car, went to the store, exercised, and lay by the pool for 45 minutes.  It was wonderful!  I wish I could say I missed the kids but I really didn't.  Is that bad?  I worried about them and checked up on them often (McKay was asleep most of the time) but I enjoyed myself SO much.  I'm hoping to do it again sometime soon. :)

4) I've officially lost the baby weight from McKay.  Now I have to loss the baby weight from Jax.  You know I dieted and exercised hard for two and a half months and didn't lose a pound.  The last two months I haven't exercised much at all and I've been eating whatever I want - yet I've lost 10.  Go figure!

March 25, 2012

Hyde Park Chalk Walk

Sarah, Julie, and I took the kids to Hyde Park's Chalk Art Walk last week.  I'm not sure the kids were that impressed but I sure was.  They mostly just wanted to play at the art wall and in the water at a little fountain. 

This artist said it takes him 14 - 16 hours to complete his Mona Lisa drawing.

Sadie likes to take this camera and pink purse on all our outings.  She is always taking pictures of things.  Wonder why?

Amazing elephant!  This was one of Jax's favorites.

An 8 year old boy was creating this drawing.  My kids were the most impressed by his. 
 The art wall.....

Sadie drew on the ground with this marker instead of the wall.  I think it was washable marker - hopefully!

Farewell Baby Birds

Our birds are gone.  They were good little birds and we were sad to see them go.  I never kid capture that magical shot for which they were bought.  Maybe I'll try again next year when I have a little help.  It's hard to control three children and three chicks by yourself.  One night I recruited my dad to help but it still didn't go well.  Oh well, they were definitely entertaining and they only cost $2 each.  Well worth it!


Isaac's Monster Birthday Party

Marie (Jax's Nursery Leader) and Isaac (Jax's great friend) with Daddy Chris.
We went to the most amazing birthday party yesterday.  Craftiness doesn't come to easily for me but I do appreciate the work of others.  Marie is amazing!  Check this out....

The food was delicious!  They are from the Philippines and take their food seriously.

Marie had cake, cupcakes, monster cookies, and jello.  Yum!

These were beach balls attached to a banner and each child took one home.

The pinata...always fun!


Amazing, right?