March 01, 2012

Checking In....

Did you know that last post was my 300th?  Wow.  Who would have thunk I'd stick with it this long?

Here's the latest....

McKay is making forward motion.  He's been rolling to where he wants to go for a while but I think he's officially crawling now.  However, he's become like a little marsupial baby; he wants to be held at all times.  It's amazing what I've learned to do one handed over the past few years.  I even put my contacts in while holding him this week.  

Jax is going through a major verbal explosion.  "Want big truck", "Go away Shadow", "So fun mommy", "Want Daddy", "Sorry Sadie" "Go library...tiger" "He hurt finger" "I scared the bee".  Stuff like that.

Oh, and the boy loves to sing!  It's not super clear but he knows all the words to the regular songs and tries to participate now.  It's a riot.

Sadie is Sadie.  She is perfect at times and unbearable at others.  I think she will forever be my challenging child.  She's can be darling and enchanting one minute, and disobedient and ornery the next.  Typical female :)  Yet, I feel more in sync with her feelings and emotions that I do the boys.  It's not that I'm more or less attached to her.  Somehow I just feel her more and understand her complexities.  It's still hard to be patient at times.  I'm working on speaking kindly and not raising my voice during the challenging times.

Her latest obsessions: singing Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer, reading to Jax in the den (she has several of our books memorized and she sits in there and reads him the books verbatim), collecting rocks, going to the grocery store, and she's a television addict (it's very hard to limit her).  Things that she dislikes lately for reasons I can't understand: going on walks, taking baths/showers (although she's happy once she gets in), and having her hair done (I'm very gentle).

Ben's big deadline is past.  He arrived home at 7PM tonight.  Last night he didn't get home until past midnight.  Poor guy.  Right now he's laying on the bed playing a game on his phone.  I suppose I should go talk to him about what's been going on around here for the past month.  And so I shall.

Good night peeps.

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