July 28, 2010

6 Weeks Down, A Lifetime To Go

What a day it's been!  I'm pretty sure motherhood is the most difficult job (if done correctly) in the world.  Thankfully Ben took Sadie with him to church tonight and Jax just fell asleep.  I love a nice, quiet house!  If only it were a nice, clean, quiet house; but I'll go clean it up in a minute.

Jax is growing up far too quickly.  Today is his 6 week birthday and he is well over 10 lbs. and seems to be healthy as can be.  I'm working on getting him on a better schedule.  He seems to eat every hour and a half, and still only sleep two and a half hours at night.  I'm not quite sure how to help him go longer between feedings and sleep longer at night.  Other than those 'issues' he is a very good baby.  He's very happy and has started smiling at us.

A few weeks ago all the hair on the top of his head fell out.  He looked just like Ben!  His little hairs are sprouting on top again and it looks like he'll have a nice, thick head of hair.  Truthfully I quite liked the bald look.  Maybe we'll shave it once a year?!?! 

These are not the best pictures, but they are all I've taken {shame on me!}.  We think he's really cute.  But, if he's not, don't tell us the truth.  We probably wouldn't believe you anyways :) 

July 20, 2010

An Expensive Two Days

So far this week:

  • My totally wonderful, very fast, one year old computer died.  Mike says it's irrepairable!!  I'm currently using our archaeic, super slow 5 year old computer.  No photoshop (which means no picture taking!!), no dual monitors, long waits....so sad.  
  • The AC in Ben's car went out.  Also, our mechanic (who we really like) is out of town until next week.  I was going to let him use the van for the week.  However, when I went to run an errand yesterday I discovered a...
  • Nail in Alicia's car tire = another flat tire.  We didn't have the time last night to get it fixed so it's still sitting in the garage looking lopsided and pathetic.  
All that and it's only Monday! Yikes!!

July 15, 2010


Turning 26 was not as bad as I expected.  I thoroughly enjoyed my 3 hour nap, spring rolls and panang, and a game of tennis at Madiera Beach.  It was a positively perfect day.

{Ben and Joseph came up with this fancy wrapping job.
Guess what's inside...a laminator!}

{Do these 3 look anything alike? The ones above, not below}

Tennis pictures will be forthcoming....

July 09, 2010

Alicia, Inc.

About a year ago I started working for an SEO company.  It turned out to be a lot of fun, very convenient, and a nice distraction from everyday mommy stuff.  Plus, the extra income was really welcomed!  After reading a few books about it and doing some internet research I started getting quite good at it, too.

Well, to make a long story short, the company I was working for was having some difficulties and I started daydreaming about starting my own business.  I mentioned it to a friend of mine, Tiffany Feger, who works for a dentist and before I knew it they had hired me to do website promotion for their dental practice.  In five months I took their website from the 12th page of google to the 1st page!  She's also let me know they've obtained several new patients due to their higher ranking in search engines.

This has really given me the confidence to start my own business.  I'm pretty sure I'm crazy, but what do I have to lose?  If I can achieve those kind of results I should be successful, right?  And if I can't I won't bill the client.  All I will have lost is a little bit of my time but in a worthwhile effort.   

My dad has recently hired me to do it for his company.  I'm thinking if I can find two more businesses throughout the year I will consider my venture a success.  If I fail, I figure, it's better to have tried and failed than never to have tried at all.

Anyone have ideas for a business name?

Another year older {and wiser too?}

Tomorrow I turn 26.  I know, I know - it's not that old.  It's just hard for me to believe that I am that old.  I have two kids, next month is my five year wedding anniversary, and I'm getting wrinkles!  How did this happen???  I mentally think of myself as 21 or maybe 22, definitely not 26!  But, I am trying to accept and embrace the aging process.  If I can at least 'age gracefully' maybe it won't be so bad.

So, with each birthday I tend to set goals for myself.  Most people do it at New Years but I do it on my birthday.  This is the list I've generated for this coming year:
  • Do at least one thoughtful act of service each week
  • Be perfect in my visiting teaching
  • Eliminate white sugars, white flour, and processed foods from my diet (or at least drastically reduce consumption).
  • Create a spreadsheet with traits I want my children to have and then generate ideas of how I can help them develop those characteristics.  {I'm a dork, I know!}
  • Start my own SEO business. (I'll explain in another post)
  • Be happier and more grateful. Smile and laugh at life more. (Not that I'm not happy, but I'm just generally trying to appreciate life.)
That's my birthday goal list for my 26th year.  A little embarrassing for me to share, but they say a goal not written is a goal not set.  So, hopefully, by sharing I have created a little more accountability and motivation.

The plans for tomorrow include 1) nap, 2) Thai food, 3) time with family, and 4) {hopefully} tennis AND 5) {maybe} beach.  Should be fun!         

July 02, 2010

Family Update

Sadie - Our bigger munchin is slowly starting to settle down.  The past two weeks she's been a little difficult to handle.  She's usually very good during the day, but nighttime has been a nightmare.  And, she's even been waking up two or three times during the night.  We are losing more sleep spending time with her than we are with Jax.  We decided to convert her crib into a toddler bed with the hope that a little autonomy would calm her down.  It seems to be working! 

Thankfully, she loves her brother and has not shown any jealous when we care for him.  She is very gentle and protective of him.  It surprises me all the little ways she helps me through the day, too.  She grabs me diapers, hands me blankets, and puts his pacifier in his mouth.  I think she'll be a great big sister.

Jax - He is still a very good baby.  He is a pretty good sleeper and has a calm, easy-going personality. Yeah! He has a healthy appetite and is really starting to plump up.  We were a little concerned because he is spits up a lot (Sadie never did), but it doesn't seems to bother him and it is not effecting his growth.  At night, he usually wakes up three or four times but always goes back to sleep easily.  He is just so loveable!

In my opinion, he looks a lot like Ben.  His mouth is identical, he has high cheeks bones, and the exact same shaped head.  His eyes may be a little different, but he definitely looks more like a Johnson than a Meyers.  Don't you think?

Alicia - Life with two kids is actually a little easier than I expected.  Once he either learns to nurse or I decide to stop pumping things will be much more manageable.  My biggest obstacle is boredom.  Sadie and I like to be active and go places so it is hard to feel stuck at home again.  I'm very protective of my newborns and try to keep them as sheltered as possible.  I have taken the kids to the library and down to my parents' house twice.   When Ben is home we can do a lot more.  Like last night we went and sat by the pool.  I stayed with Jax while Ben played in the water with Sadie.  It was so nice to get out!  I know this stage won't last long and I am really looking forward to the day when we can do a little more. 

Oh ya, also, I am L-O-V-I-N-G not being pregnant.  Multiple times a day I stop what I'm doing, take a deep sigh, and say to Ben, "I love not being pregnant."  I can sleep more comfortably, touch my toes, and have so much more energy.  My favorite part is I am finally able to get close to the ones I love.  Hugging and holding Sadie just isn't the same when there is a big belly in the way.  Two more weeks and I can start exercising again.  I'm really looking forward to that!

Ben - Ben has had several big deadlines at work lately and has been under a lot of pressure.  Poor guy!  On the nights he works late I either try to go down to the homestead or else my mom comes up to visit.  He has a four day weekend and I am so looking forward to having him around more.  Life is so happy when he is home.

This morning he woke up with a sore throat and runny nose, though.  He's taking a well-deserved nap right now and we're hoping with a little extra sleep his cold will fizzle out and no one else will catch it. 

In Closing - Life with two kids is definitely more complicated but I think it's more fun, too.  We really feel like a family now.  Not that we didn't before but there is something more substantial about it now.  I'm really, really looking forward to watching these two become friends and play together and grow up together.  I am so grateful for my family!  They're worth every ache, pain, tear, worry, sleepless night, pumping session, hospital bill, sink full of dishes, load of laundry, dirty diaper, wrinkle, and stretch mark.