July 20, 2010

An Expensive Two Days

So far this week:

  • My totally wonderful, very fast, one year old computer died.  Mike says it's irrepairable!!  I'm currently using our archaeic, super slow 5 year old computer.  No photoshop (which means no picture taking!!), no dual monitors, long waits....so sad.  
  • The AC in Ben's car went out.  Also, our mechanic (who we really like) is out of town until next week.  I was going to let him use the van for the week.  However, when I went to run an errand yesterday I discovered a...
  • Nail in Alicia's car tire = another flat tire.  We didn't have the time last night to get it fixed so it's still sitting in the garage looking lopsided and pathetic.  
All that and it's only Monday! Yikes!!


Valerie said...

Oh no! That's way too many things breaking at once! Sorry guys!

Johnson Family said...

I'm sorry to hear about that. It always seems like once something breaks or falls apart everything else starts doing the same thing. So what's getting fixed first?

Alicia said...

We fixed the nail in the tire. We're taking Ben's car into the mechanic on Monday to get fixed. They have been on vacation this week so poor Ben has been suffering on his drives to and from work. We'll probably get a new computer in a few months once we get all these hospital bills paid for. I hope I'll be able to wait that long!