July 28, 2010

6 Weeks Down, A Lifetime To Go

What a day it's been!  I'm pretty sure motherhood is the most difficult job (if done correctly) in the world.  Thankfully Ben took Sadie with him to church tonight and Jax just fell asleep.  I love a nice, quiet house!  If only it were a nice, clean, quiet house; but I'll go clean it up in a minute.

Jax is growing up far too quickly.  Today is his 6 week birthday and he is well over 10 lbs. and seems to be healthy as can be.  I'm working on getting him on a better schedule.  He seems to eat every hour and a half, and still only sleep two and a half hours at night.  I'm not quite sure how to help him go longer between feedings and sleep longer at night.  Other than those 'issues' he is a very good baby.  He's very happy and has started smiling at us.

A few weeks ago all the hair on the top of his head fell out.  He looked just like Ben!  His little hairs are sprouting on top again and it looks like he'll have a nice, thick head of hair.  Truthfully I quite liked the bald look.  Maybe we'll shave it once a year?!?! 

These are not the best pictures, but they are all I've taken {shame on me!}.  We think he's really cute.  But, if he's not, don't tell us the truth.  We probably wouldn't believe you anyways :) 


Johnson Family said...

He's darling Alicia! It's a good thing these babies come packaged so cute and cuddley.

Valerie said...

He's adorable!!! 100% perfect! We used to shave my little bothers hair when he was a baby, his mom said it would help it grow in nice and thick. Not sure if she learned this from being a hair dresser, or from being from Eastern Europe...hmm.