August 01, 2010

My Perfect World

I love weekends. LOVE THEM!!
I especially love summer weekends.  

Summer + Weekend + Ben = My Perfect World.

Except in my perfect world I'm really skinny and not 15 lbs. overweight. 

And, in my perfect world, I have these two cute, cuddly little creatures.  
But, Kimmy and my mom are always around to help me out with them.

Oh, also, in my perfect world we go on walks as a family every night and to watch the sunset.
I love sunsets!!  Aren't they the best?

That's my perfect world.


Johnson Family said...

You've described my world perfectly as well Alicia. It's so wonderful to have lots of family time.
I love seeing all of you as a family of four now. What a cute family!

Unknown said...

Your contentment portrays a perfect life despite life's imperfections. I like that :) ps- I am happy to be catching up on your blog again!