August 18, 2010

Take Me Out To the Ball Game

Rays vs. Orioles - August 13th, 2010
My dad invited us to go the Rays game with him this past Friday.  His CPA firm gets season tickets every year, and we usually get to enjoy a view of the games thanks to his generosity.

Sadie and her Grampy.
This past week we took Sadie with us for the first time.  We were a little uncertain what she would think of it.  I'm happy to say that she loved it - totally loved it.  Those games are long, too.  But, she happily sat on our laps and watched the entire 4 hour game.  The people around us even complimented us on her great behavior.  We were so proud!

Can you feel her enthusiasm?
After the game the Village People performed so we went down on the field for the concert.  Sadie, again, totally loved it.  She really enjoys music and has pretty good rhythm, too.  We didn't stay the whole time.  I was anxious to go see Jax, but we had a fun half hour.  And, by the way, I've had the song "Macho Man" stuck in my head since that night.
On the field during the concert.


Joe said...

Did Sadie cry when the Rays lost? I did.

Kurt n Des said...

Great Pictures of y'all. What a fun evening out.