August 30, 2010

Nap Time

Sadie's nap time is slowly starting to disappear.  Bless her heart, she will try so hard to fall asleep, but she's just not tired some days. 

It's very sad for me.  Sad because I know she's growing up.  Sad because that's the time of the day that I can catch up on housework, work, and have one-on-one time with Jax.  And, Sad because it means she'll be difficult later on in the day. 

She usually will at least play in her room quietly for an hour or more.  This past Thursday I kept hearing her door open and close.  When I went in there this is what I found:

She's learning how to dress herself.  Can you tell?

So, I layed her back in bed and told her to try to take a nap.  Twenty minutes later I heard her more noises.  When I went to check on her I found an empty room.  I looked in the bathroom - she wasn't there.  I looked in the laundry room - wasn't there.  Then I heard the sound coming from her room again.  I went in and called her name....

She had been hiding in the closet. 

I layed her down again and told her to try really, really hard to fall asleep.  It was quiet for another 20 minutes and then the noises began again. 

She had pulled out lots of toys and books from her toy drawer.  So, I gave up and decided to play with her. 

Oh well, I'll just appreciate the days she does nap and try harder to wear her out in the mornings. 

Bye bye nap time.  I will miss you!


Sharla said...

In my book, quiet time is just about as good as a nap! Carie (age 4 1/2) lays down every day. She actually does sleep over 1/2 the time. But the other half, I let her look at books or play quietly. A long time ago I thought she was giving up naps, but I kept putting her down for quiet time. After awhile, she was sleeping most days. She goes through stages where she just needs more sleep, I guess. It made me glad that quiet time gives her that chance if it's necessary.

When school was out for the summer, I actually even had Kurt have quiet time. I really didn't know if it would work, he fought it at first, but then he did really well with it. He has such an imagination, he can entertain himself without pulling out a toy. I also have let him listen to audio books which he loves.

So, whether she sleeps or not, it can still work! I know as a mom, it is very important to me to have a break. And I think the break is good for the kids, even if they don't sleep. (Sorry this is so long!)

Ben said...

Funny how when you try to put her dress on correctly, she gets mad and turns it around backwards. That zipper must provide some good entertainment. Oh to be young again, when the simple things in life provide so much pleasure!

Ben said...

Funny too how that mirror is her favorite thing in her room. Should we be worried?

Valerie said...

She's so cute and big! I love the tiger mask and binkie combo...definitely a winner!

Christy said...

You have the cutest child I have ever seen. The end.

Sarah said...

I wouldn't be worried about the love of the mirror, it is completely normal and good for kids to look at themselves in the mirror a lot. I actually remember doing that a lot as a kid. My parents used to have floor to ceiling mirrors on two walls in our house and I remember playing in front of them all the time! Maybe I'm not a good example of this .. I'm not exactly the most normal person. ;)

I love that Sadie loves to wear her dress backwards so she can put it on herself. It is SO cute :) She really is her own person now :)

Kimmy said...

oh my! that is the cutest funniest girl i have ever seen!!!