August 18, 2010

Farewell Kimmy

Kimmy left today to head back to BYU.  All of us girls blubbered as we hugged goodbye at the airport today.  It was a pathetic sight!  I was re-reading my blog post about the first time she left.  It has not gotten any easier to see her go. 

She was a tremendous help to me this summer.  She made the transition of adding Jax to the family so much easier for Sadie.  [Note to self: you owe Kimmy big time!]  She is so great with Sadie - patient, attentive, playful, and loving.  What will Sadie do without her?  Sadie loves her so much!  You should see the way Sadie looks at Kimmy - total love and admiration.  It melts my heart.  She doesn't look at anyone else that way, just Kimmy.

But, looking at the bright side, at least she gets to attend the greatest school of all time.  I wouldn't want anything less for her.  Plus, her Shawn-friend will be there to greet her and I know how she has missed him.

So, farewell Kimmy.  You will be missed.  You are loved.  You are great!  And thank you!!

Sadie and Kimmy riding the carousel on Kimmy's last day here.


Joe said...

You have a merry-go-round at your house?

Alicia said...

I was laying in bed last night thinking about how it wasn't a merry-go-round, it was a carousel. Thanks for the reminder. This was at Citrus Park mall.