August 28, 2008

Kimmy Flew the Coop

We knew it was coming but it doesn't make it any easier; little Kimmy flew the coop yesterday. When we go to the 'homestead' (aka my parents' house) it just won't be the same. Kimmy has a way of bringing excitement and humor to everyday life. She has a restless energy which means we're always going places or doing things to keep her entertained. Kimmy and I should have been twins. We think alike, act alike, sound alike, even look alike and we love being together. So, it's hard to have her so far away.

However, I am so excited for her to start college. Simple things are so fun in college like going grocery shopping for yourself the first time, staying out as late as you want, and being able to make your own decisions about what you do and when you are going to do it. And the classes and professors at BYU are so great! I always looked forward to class (except for chemistry). Oh, and then there are all the football and basketball games that are so fun! And you meet the nicest people that you just feel like you've known all your life and they make you feel like you have a family even when you are so far away from your family. And then your nicest friends introduce you to the nicest boys and then you find the one boy that makes you feel unbelievably, energetically happy yet safe and peaceful at the same time and then you decide to spend your lives together and you live happily ever after (hopefully, I'm still in this phase). Well, at least that's how it all went down for me. Now that I'm feeling melancholy after my walk down memory lane, let me just say: HAVE FUN KIMMY! IT'LL BE OVER BEFORE YOU KNOW IT SO ENJOY EVERY MOMENT!


Lori said...

Try having Kimmy as a seminary student!!!

Kimmy said...

now now sister emery.. i was a DELIGHTFUL student! always happy and NEVER bitter... right?

Alicia, i sure do miss florida, but it is so fun here. I FINALLY got my room set up, I will send you a picture or 2. I really really miss sadie. make her smile for me. Poor kid probably hasn't smiled since i left! ;)