August 20, 2008

Tagged, Chante's it....

Apparently, I've been tagged. I am supposed to list my 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 goals, 3 current obsessions/collections, and 3 random, surprising facts about myself. Here goes...

  1. Friday night movie night - we are such homebodies, but if Ben and I could do anything we would sit at home in our PJs with a carton of ice cream and watch a movie. I LOVE it!
  2. Sadie in the mornings - she's all cute and cuddly in her PJs and happy and playful and just so fun in the mornings.
  3. Beach day - I love a nice hot, hot summer day at Ft. DeSoto with the family. I can just picture Mom collecting Sand Dollars, my dad putting back into the water the sand dollars when my Mom's not watching, Joseph and Julie throwing the football ball to Ben, Kimmy and I laying on the beach, Christy off inspecting a crab, Michael with his goggle lines, Sarah taking pictures to preserve the memory, ect. Oh and I love the feeling and look of lightly toasted skin at the end of the day!


Interestingly my fears were always that I wouldn't get married and wouldn't have children. I've conquered those obstacles, but the fears are still similar...

  1. Ben dying - morbid I know but I truly don't care what age I die at as long as Ben and I go together. Believe it or not, this is a frequent thing I pray for..."Please help Ben and I that we will die together..." I'm really weird, I know!
  2. Sadie dying - I wonder if I lack faith but the thought of not being with Sadie is enough to send me to the loony bin.
  3. Embarrassment - I hate messing up and people looking at me and being embarrassed. It's awful!

GOALS - way too many to name, but here are 3 current ones that I've have a LOT of work to do still!

  1. Learn a foreign language
  2. Run a half marathon
  3. Be really neat and tidy


  1. Baby names - I'm always thinking about and asking Ben about baby names even when we aren't pregnant (actually, especially when we aren't pregnant...)
  2. Houses - I love to look at houses. I go to realty websites all the time to just browse through the listings
  3. The only type of 'collection' we have is all the elephants and whatnot that Ben brought back from India and Thailand.

RANDOM/SURPRISING FACTS - I decided to do these about Ben because I can't think of any about myself

  1. He's incredibly smart - he only had one B in HS and it was in typing because he broke his arm playing football. He only got 5 B's his entire college career at BYU, while working 25 or 30 hours a week.
  2. He's rather athletic - he was the captain of his HS soccer team, played HS football, and basketball. He's a little rusty, but still loves to play sports any chance he gets.
  3. He NEVER gets mad - we've been married for 3 years next week and I still have never heard him raise his voice or say something mean about somebody. I call him my breath of fresh air in a room of second hand smoke.


Lori said...

Alicia, you are so funny. It's really too bad you live as far away as you, and that I am SO OLD!! We could be really good friends!! As for the half marathon, I am very interested in having a running buddy. I know you are too far (or is it I that is too far??) to actually run together, but if you find a program to follow, and a race you want to run, I'll follow the program with you and run the race with you. I have been wanting to enter a race for a year, now. There's the Tower of Terror 4mi or 8mi in October, if you would want to start with that. Let me know!!! (I have a LOT of trouble with those word verifications as well. Why do we even need to do that??) (one more thing: I'm not afraid of my kids or Nathan dying, although it WOULD be TERRIBLE!! I am afraid of ME dying, and them having to go through the grief of losing their mother at such a young age. Although, maybe they wouldn't grieve, and how narcissistic is that??? Worse than your morbid fears, for sure.)

Ben said...

Hey babe. You got me day dreamin' about the beach. When is it we can be beach bums? I'm just glad you have goals. I really struggle with that. I guess I'm just not motivated. Also, I can't be that smart or athletic. Proof: I got a B in PE in high school!

Unknown said...

I never realized how much we have in common, Alicia :) I read this and was like, "Me too, me too!" I browse houses online all the time. I love historic homes, so I must visit at least once a week. Too bad we'd have to be making over 150,000 a year to afford any of them! :P