August 06, 2008

Utah/Wyoming Trip

We survived! Actually it wasn't as bad as I expected. Sadie did a really great job cooperating. She even had issues with constipation, teething, and a head cold but still managed to smile and have fun. It was great to be with family and get to know a lot of the extended family better. The best part of the trip was being able to see Jadyn (Troy and Becky's baby) just hours after she had been born. We were worried we'd miss her arrival, but it all worked out and she is adorable! Grandma Cliffie now has five grandkids and four of them have been born in the past year. It'll be fun to watch this group grow up and see what personalities come out in each of them.

The trip went by way too fast, but we squeezed A LOT into 6 days. And although we feel far away and don't always get to be a part of all the festivities we were really grateful we could enjoy Logan's baby blessing, Jadyn's arrival, Lane and Bekah's rodeo experience, the family reunions, Gooch's amazing tricks, a roommate luncheon, Joe and Julie's company, and so much more. This vacation will be hard to beat!

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