July 30, 2008

Setting Ourselves up for Failure

We are getting ready to leave for Utah today to visit family and attend the 'Johnson Family Reunion'. Ben and I are extremely nervous about the trip. Here's a rundown of what we'll be doing:

  • Wednesday - 5 hour plane ride to Utah, drive another hour to Heber, sleep.
  • Thursday - 5 hour car ride to Idaho to attend family reunion at a girl scout camp. It's in the 90's during the day and in the 50's at night. Sadie doesn't know what 50 degrees feels like - we'll see what happens.
  • Friday - play all day, have a big fire, eat smores, enjoy family.
  • Saturday - 5 hour car ride back to Heber, go to rodeo at night.
  • Sunday - go to cousin Logan's baby blessing, celebrate after church, play with Joe and Julie in the evening.
  • Monday - meet roommates in Provo for lunch, to go Lehi to see Kurt & Desiree, have fun at Vilella cousin family reunion at night.
  • Tuesday - get up at 7 to leave for our 5 hour flight home to Florida.
So, Ben and I are concerned because Sadie isn't exactly the most cooperative child in the world. We have to say a prayer she'll behave when we do a one hour car ride to my parents. If my math is right I believe we'll be in a car or plane 28 hours in the next week! What were we thinking? I envision a lot of crying, kicking, and dirty looks. But it's worth the chaos to see the family. Hopefully, we'll be invited back next year.

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Unknown said...

We know how crazy travel with a baby can be, so we will definitely keep you in our prayers! As for any dirty looks you might get on the plane, tell them that's what first class is for! If that doesn't work, just flip them off. Ok, so maybe that's not the best option- even though you'll find it's very tempting :) So, we'll also pray you get kind, understanding people in the rows around you. Good luck & have fun!