July 11, 2008

I'm officially old

Up until this time I have never cared about turning a year older. However, yesterday I turned 24. For some reason, that I can't seem to understand, 24 sounds so much older than 23! Perhaps I'm struggling because I feel like the past year has been unproductive which is really ironic because I feel like having a child is the hardest thing I've ever done and the most important thing I'll ever do. Also, I had several goals that I had wanted to accomplish by my birthday and I've failed at ALL of them. They are as follows:

  • Be 10 lbs. lighter than I currently am
  • Have obtained a part-time stay-at-home teaching job - I've had three interviews and three rejection letters. Ouch!
  • Kept the house very clean for a month straight - Why does housework suddenly become so overwhelming when you become a mom?

What I have learned from all this?

  • Eating oreos and peanut butter after every meal is NOT a good diet plan.
  • Don't set your birthday as a deadline, because it becomes something you dread!
  • When you fail - try, try again.

So, even though on my 24th Birthday I felt plump, poor, and clueless about parenthood - I figure, I have a practically perfect husband, really cute baby, supportive family, loving friends, adorable house and I just thoroughly enjoy life. I'll count the year as a success and get to work doing good things to celebrate next year.


Andrea and Cy Hepworth said...

Alicia I just miss you!Your pictures are adorable as always and I can't get over how cute your little girl is!! Happy Birthday!

chante said...

Isn't it nice to know that we don't have to achieve perfection? :) That's why I enjoyed Elder Ballard's talk so much this past conference. Such a good reminder to not "rush past the fleeting moments." You are so right about how lucky you are to have such an adorable baby girl and a nearly perfect husband... and they are so lucky to have you! :)

p.s. 24 was the turning point for me, too... weird, huh? Like you, I had recently had a baby. I guess parenthood is just good at making people feel old. In a good way :D

kristen said...

Alicia this is so cool. I think it is great that you are documenting the steps of your life! What a wonderful way to reflect! Don't get too down about aging. For me, aging means more knowledge and confidence with each decision you make. Parenting has a huge learning curve and you have already tackled so many hurdles.

I know you will achieve all of your goals just give yourself so time - it will come only to start the next challenge.

Troy said...

Funny blog. You have a good way of writing. Goals and deadlines we set can be very eye opening at times. I remember two things off the top of my head that a wise person and good friend told me: 1) don't change the goal, just move the deadline and 2) performance, not perfection.

I think being a mom is a mighty fine thing. Way to go Alicia. You're not THAT old! :)

p.s. You've probably already heard/read this acronym about goal setting, but here you go, just in case (I really need to take this to heart, by the way...I have a LONG way to go):

Set goals that are SMART


Carpe diem!