September 23, 2010

Let's Dance!

Every so often we have a playdate with Andrew - a super cute, very gentle and friendly little guy.  He and Sadie love to dance, as captured in the video above.   

Prayers for Lolly

Ben's cousin, Robbie Andersen, has a little girl two year old daughter who is very sick.  Will you keep her in your prayers?

Lolly was diagnosed with Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome, caused by E. coli (from an unknown source).  She has had several complications since her hospitalization, including neurological problems (Encephalopathy and possible seizures), acute kidney failure, several blood transfusions, pancreatitis, and pneumonia.  She has had blood drawn dozens of times, has an art line, has been intubated, has a feeding tube, and now must get an NJ tube due to her recently developed pancreatitis.

She had been a perfectly happy and healthy two year old.  She started having flu-like symptoms on Sept. 10 and it's just been a constant downhill cycle since.  

Robbie and her husband, Ben, are the nicest people!  They have also had their fair share of difficulties.  Robbie has had 6 children.  One little girl died just after being born, and one of her sons has chronic heart problems.  He has had many surgeries and he is constantly in and out of the hospital.   

Every time I look at Sadie I think of how Robbie and Ben's hearts must be breaking to see their daughter in so much pain and discomfort.  Can you imagine your little toddler hooked up to all those IVs, monitors, and tubes?  

This is a quote from Robbie's blog:

"I knew the Lord had a specific plan in mind for our little girl, but I also knew that there was no way he could ignore the pleading of our (as a collective group) hearts.  I know that our Heavenly Father has answered our prayers.  He is aware of all that have been praying for her and those who have been concerned about her.  And I know that our little Sasha, who we lost five years ago, was a part of this.  I truly think we have guardian angels, and I think sisters have a very special bond- even when they are separated between life and death. 

"Thank you for your continued prayers for our sweet little Lolly.  We are so happy to see her spunk returning.  I'm sure that it won't be many more days before we get to see a good ol' terrible two tantrum (I can't wait!).  Hug your little ones.  Take time to hold and love them.  Remember that the most important things in life aren't things.  Don't ever forget that life can change in an instant. I know I won't."
That was several days ago but she has gone down hill since then.  She is just miserable; she cries and moans any time she is awake.  So heartbreaking!

So, will you please say prayers for her?  If you want to follow her progress Robbie set up a blog for her: Our Little Lolly.

September 22, 2010

A Sunday Afternoon

A Sunday afternoon in our household goes something like this:

1:22 - Get home from church; Jax is asleep; Alicia and Sadie eat.

1:45 - A tired Sadie goes down for a late but very needed nap.

1:46 - Jax wakes up.  They never, ever take overlapping naps!

1:46 - 3:12 - A bored and tired Alicia plays with a cute, cuddly Jax and wait and waits and wait for Ben to get home from church.

3:13 - Alicia finally decides to do something to keep her mind off her sleepiness and loneliness so she takes pictures of Jax.

Can you see his drool?

He is such a smiley baby!

3:26 - A very exhausted and hungry Ben gets home :)  He changes and eats while we discuss and laugh about church that day.  (All done while Alicia holds and loves Jax.)

Isn't he so grown up?


4:02 - Sadie wakes up from her nap.  We all go in to greet her.

Where's Jax' nose?
Where are Jax' feet?

4:04 - Jax decides two minutes after Sadie wakes up that he needs a nap.  Ironic, no?  Alicia rocks Jax to sleep while Ben and Sadie play.  


4:10 - Alicia comes back and joins in on the fun.

Sadie LOVES to give/get butterfly kisses.

Here we are rubbing our noses together aka nose kisses.
Sidenote: As I was looking through these pictures I noticed that I'm kissing Jax and Sadie in practically every picture!  Jax just smells so good and his little head is so soft and fuzzy that I can't help myself.

Birthday Boy

The one and only picture I took of Ben on his birthday.

We celebrated Ben's birthday at the park yesterday.  We enjoyed playing on the jungle gyms with the kids while the guys played a little homerun derby.  I love being outdoors this time of year!

Sadie still wants to be held all the time!


September 18, 2010


"Play: (noun) To make a big mess"

Sadie has a new favorite hobby.  Can you guess what it is?  My mom gave her 'art lessons' this week and now every morning, afternoon, and evening she can be heard pleading with me, begging me to let her 'pain' (as she says it).

Ben was with the youth on a temple trip this morning and I was in need of a little down I let her get as messy as she wanted. 

Jax was a mellow, peaceful little fellow.  He enjoyed the fresh air and watching the clouds slowly pass by.  My kind of life!

The fun came came to a screeching halt when Sadie *thought* a bee landed on her and went into meltdown mode. Actually, she thought a love bug landed on her (do they have those in other parts of the country?), and she thinks love bugs are bees, and she had a meltdown. In reality, the paint on her hand was beginning to peel and it startled her and there was never even a bug on her - just peeling paint.  But, the fun ended - the tears flowed - a bath was given - and, don't you know, not two minutes later she was asking  to 'pain' again.

September 13, 2010

Please Don't Grow up!

"The days are long, but the years are short."

Why do children have to grow so quickly?  Could I possibly just hit the pause button on life right now?  Every new milestone is bittersweet.  It's amazing to watch children learn and grow more independent, but with every new stage I feel they are a little bit further from needing and wanting me.  And, considering my children are only two and a half years and months, it's only going to get worse - never better.   

Every morning I wake to find each one has grown overnight.  Literally!!  They both seem to be changing constantly and I just don't have enough time to soak in and enjoy where they are before they're on to some new milestone.

Sadie seems to be leaving toddlerhood and becoming a little girl.  She was the cutest, funniest, most pleasant little toddler and I want a little more time to enjoy her that way before she moves on.  It's funny because I never thought I'd survive, and now I'm desperately sad it's over.

I've heard the quote, “What a wonderful life I’ve had!  I only wish I’d realized it sooner.”  I'm really trying to enjoy the now and appreciate the small things in life - the way Jax smells (yum!), Sadie's need to always be near me, how she still loves to be carried every where, hearing her practice new words, getting Jax to smile and giggle, watching Ben rough-and-tumble play with Sadie, rocking Jax to sleep at night, and the peace of having two happy, sleeping babies at the end of the day. 

I can honestly say I've learned to love parenthood.  Honestly, absolutely, love it - trials and all.  Now if only my babies would stay babies, and let me love and cuddle them for the rest of my days.  That would be so nice!

September 07, 2010

Babe's Blessing

Grandma Cliffie and Auntie Natalie were here visiting this past weekend for Jax' baby blessing.  We had a wonderful time together.  Mostly they held and played with our children so we could take naps and play.  It was very sad to see them go this morning.  We just love it when company comes to town. 

Jax was picture perfect on his big day.  He was wide awake but didn't make a peep during the blessing.  Grandma Cliffie and Natalie rocked him to sleep during sacrament meeting and he spent the day sleeping in our arms.  He is such a good little baby.

I forgot to bring socks to church for him, so he was blessed sockless.
I love family.  It was so great that everyone came to support us.
Do you think Natalie and Ben look alike?
I'm feeling discouraged about my 'weight problems'.
We tried to get a picture of my parents' four grandchildren.  This was the best one we got:
This is so classic of each kid's personality.

Speaking of my parents - where were they?  They were in Hawaii.  They booked a trip and didn't realize they would miss Jax' blessing.  We missed them and they missed us.  But, we did enjoy staying in their house while they were gone.  It was nice to have the extra space.

That evening we went for a sunset walk on the beach.  It was a little stormy, but we still had fun.