September 18, 2010


"Play: (noun) To make a big mess"

Sadie has a new favorite hobby.  Can you guess what it is?  My mom gave her 'art lessons' this week and now every morning, afternoon, and evening she can be heard pleading with me, begging me to let her 'pain' (as she says it).

Ben was with the youth on a temple trip this morning and I was in need of a little down I let her get as messy as she wanted. 

Jax was a mellow, peaceful little fellow.  He enjoyed the fresh air and watching the clouds slowly pass by.  My kind of life!

The fun came came to a screeching halt when Sadie *thought* a bee landed on her and went into meltdown mode. Actually, she thought a love bug landed on her (do they have those in other parts of the country?), and she thinks love bugs are bees, and she had a meltdown. In reality, the paint on her hand was beginning to peel and it startled her and there was never even a bug on her - just peeling paint.  But, the fun ended - the tears flowed - a bath was given - and, don't you know, not two minutes later she was asking  to 'pain' again.


Christy said...

I love that girl. Sadie, I will paint with you all you want when I come back home!

Kimmy said...

Me too Sade! I will even let you paint me! and Shadow! Thanks for your message on my phone today! I LOVED it!

Kimmy said...

ps- i can't stop looking at that picture of jax. he is sooooooo adorable! I seriously click on your blog the last 2 days just to look at him. precious.