September 23, 2010

Prayers for Lolly

Ben's cousin, Robbie Andersen, has a little girl two year old daughter who is very sick.  Will you keep her in your prayers?

Lolly was diagnosed with Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome, caused by E. coli (from an unknown source).  She has had several complications since her hospitalization, including neurological problems (Encephalopathy and possible seizures), acute kidney failure, several blood transfusions, pancreatitis, and pneumonia.  She has had blood drawn dozens of times, has an art line, has been intubated, has a feeding tube, and now must get an NJ tube due to her recently developed pancreatitis.

She had been a perfectly happy and healthy two year old.  She started having flu-like symptoms on Sept. 10 and it's just been a constant downhill cycle since.  

Robbie and her husband, Ben, are the nicest people!  They have also had their fair share of difficulties.  Robbie has had 6 children.  One little girl died just after being born, and one of her sons has chronic heart problems.  He has had many surgeries and he is constantly in and out of the hospital.   

Every time I look at Sadie I think of how Robbie and Ben's hearts must be breaking to see their daughter in so much pain and discomfort.  Can you imagine your little toddler hooked up to all those IVs, monitors, and tubes?  

This is a quote from Robbie's blog:

"I knew the Lord had a specific plan in mind for our little girl, but I also knew that there was no way he could ignore the pleading of our (as a collective group) hearts.  I know that our Heavenly Father has answered our prayers.  He is aware of all that have been praying for her and those who have been concerned about her.  And I know that our little Sasha, who we lost five years ago, was a part of this.  I truly think we have guardian angels, and I think sisters have a very special bond- even when they are separated between life and death. 

"Thank you for your continued prayers for our sweet little Lolly.  We are so happy to see her spunk returning.  I'm sure that it won't be many more days before we get to see a good ol' terrible two tantrum (I can't wait!).  Hug your little ones.  Take time to hold and love them.  Remember that the most important things in life aren't things.  Don't ever forget that life can change in an instant. I know I won't."
That was several days ago but she has gone down hill since then.  She is just miserable; she cries and moans any time she is awake.  So heartbreaking!

So, will you please say prayers for her?  If you want to follow her progress Robbie set up a blog for her: Our Little Lolly.

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