September 22, 2010

A Sunday Afternoon

A Sunday afternoon in our household goes something like this:

1:22 - Get home from church; Jax is asleep; Alicia and Sadie eat.

1:45 - A tired Sadie goes down for a late but very needed nap.

1:46 - Jax wakes up.  They never, ever take overlapping naps!

1:46 - 3:12 - A bored and tired Alicia plays with a cute, cuddly Jax and wait and waits and wait for Ben to get home from church.

3:13 - Alicia finally decides to do something to keep her mind off her sleepiness and loneliness so she takes pictures of Jax.

Can you see his drool?

He is such a smiley baby!

3:26 - A very exhausted and hungry Ben gets home :)  He changes and eats while we discuss and laugh about church that day.  (All done while Alicia holds and loves Jax.)

Isn't he so grown up?


4:02 - Sadie wakes up from her nap.  We all go in to greet her.

Where's Jax' nose?
Where are Jax' feet?

4:04 - Jax decides two minutes after Sadie wakes up that he needs a nap.  Ironic, no?  Alicia rocks Jax to sleep while Ben and Sadie play.  


4:10 - Alicia comes back and joins in on the fun.

Sadie LOVES to give/get butterfly kisses.

Here we are rubbing our noses together aka nose kisses.
Sidenote: As I was looking through these pictures I noticed that I'm kissing Jax and Sadie in practically every picture!  Jax just smells so good and his little head is so soft and fuzzy that I can't help myself.


Joe said...

Fussy or fuzzy head?

You children always have their mouth open.

Great pictures.

Christy said...

Woa, sometimes I look at pictures of you and think it's me at first. You have cute kids. I don't think it's possible for people to be cuter than Sadie and Jax, but if anyone will outdo them it'll be my own kids someday. :)