September 13, 2010

Please Don't Grow up!

"The days are long, but the years are short."

Why do children have to grow so quickly?  Could I possibly just hit the pause button on life right now?  Every new milestone is bittersweet.  It's amazing to watch children learn and grow more independent, but with every new stage I feel they are a little bit further from needing and wanting me.  And, considering my children are only two and a half years and months, it's only going to get worse - never better.   

Every morning I wake to find each one has grown overnight.  Literally!!  They both seem to be changing constantly and I just don't have enough time to soak in and enjoy where they are before they're on to some new milestone.

Sadie seems to be leaving toddlerhood and becoming a little girl.  She was the cutest, funniest, most pleasant little toddler and I want a little more time to enjoy her that way before she moves on.  It's funny because I never thought I'd survive, and now I'm desperately sad it's over.

I've heard the quote, “What a wonderful life I’ve had!  I only wish I’d realized it sooner.”  I'm really trying to enjoy the now and appreciate the small things in life - the way Jax smells (yum!), Sadie's need to always be near me, how she still loves to be carried every where, hearing her practice new words, getting Jax to smile and giggle, watching Ben rough-and-tumble play with Sadie, rocking Jax to sleep at night, and the peace of having two happy, sleeping babies at the end of the day. 

I can honestly say I've learned to love parenthood.  Honestly, absolutely, love it - trials and all.  Now if only my babies would stay babies, and let me love and cuddle them for the rest of my days.  That would be so nice!


Johnson Family said...

I whole heartedly agree Alicia! My babies are growing up far too quickly as well.

Valerie said...

My mom is still bummed out that I grew up :)

And that picture of Sadie is too precious!