September 07, 2010

Babe's Blessing

Grandma Cliffie and Auntie Natalie were here visiting this past weekend for Jax' baby blessing.  We had a wonderful time together.  Mostly they held and played with our children so we could take naps and play.  It was very sad to see them go this morning.  We just love it when company comes to town. 

Jax was picture perfect on his big day.  He was wide awake but didn't make a peep during the blessing.  Grandma Cliffie and Natalie rocked him to sleep during sacrament meeting and he spent the day sleeping in our arms.  He is such a good little baby.

I forgot to bring socks to church for him, so he was blessed sockless.
I love family.  It was so great that everyone came to support us.
Do you think Natalie and Ben look alike?
I'm feeling discouraged about my 'weight problems'.
We tried to get a picture of my parents' four grandchildren.  This was the best one we got:
This is so classic of each kid's personality.

Speaking of my parents - where were they?  They were in Hawaii.  They booked a trip and didn't realize they would miss Jax' blessing.  We missed them and they missed us.  But, we did enjoy staying in their house while they were gone.  It was nice to have the extra space.

That evening we went for a sunset walk on the beach.  It was a little stormy, but we still had fun.


Valerie said...

Congrats Jax! He is so handsome! I loved seeing the group photos!

Kimmy said...

I am speechless! Your children are beautiful. You are beautiful. Your husband is perfect. I miss you. Natalie and Cliffie look GREAT! I wish I was able to be there. I miss you lots. Love you lots.

Johnson Family said...

What fun pictures!
You look beautiful Alicia! As a new mother your face is just shining so bright and happy.

Jordan and Crystal said...

jax is one handsome boy! so fun! i love the naptime pics! Hilarious!

Ben said...

Thank you everyone for withholding your snide remarks about my purse.

Johnson Family said...

Bret and I saw you holding the purse Ben. We didn't say anything because Bret has done the same thing for Marissa on occassion. It's just a right of passage when you have a little girl in your house! We thought it was cute.