August 25, 2010

It's In Writing

Ben has said several dozen times since the birth "Can you put that in writing so you don't forget?"

So, here are my thoughts about labor and delivery so I can remember for next time....

Induction - There is nothing that can make me go into labor sooner.  I've tried everything.  Yes,  including Castor Oil.  I must have a really strong stomach because it barely had any effect.  The only thing that works is time (or Pitocin).

Pitocin - Pitocin can be necessary.  As much as I don't want to admit that - it's true.  Sadie and Jax were both two days late, but I really think both of them needed to come out.  Sadie had a lot of meconium and if she had been in there another week I think she would have aspirated it.  Also, I think I would have ended up having a C-Section with Jax if I had waited much longer.  Next time, if it comes to that, I think we'll just make it a matter of prayer and do what we feel is best.  Most times I think going a little extra time is great and healthy, but with those two I really did feel like the induction was what was best.

Pain Relief - Well, during the 15 minutes before and after delivery I told Ben that people were crazy for not wanting an epidural and next time I definitely wanted one.  He kept saying, "Remember that for next time!"  However, after those 30 minutes had passed I was totally elated I had gone without pain medication. 

It really is such an adrenaline rush.  Call me crazy but I have loved the labor and delivery of both babies.  With Sadie, though, I physically felt nothing.  I was like another bystander in the room rather than an active participant.  With Jax, I felt so involved and in control.  And, when he came out there was such a rush of something...accomplishment....relief....confidence....pride....empowerment....I don't know.  When Sadie came out I was thrilled, but there wasn't that 'rush' of being on top of the world.   Well, I can't explain it so I'll stop trying. :)

Also, I still can't get over how immediate the recovery was.  A half hour after Jax was born I felt better than I did 3 months after Sadie was born.  It was so quick and so easy to recover. 

I only wish I could have had a natural labor - no cords, wires, IVs, monitors, pitocin, etc.  Labor would not have been that bad if I could have been able to move, get in a comfortable position, and been allowed to push.  So, hopefully, next time I hope to have minimal monitoring and go medication-free again.  But, if I must be induced I may consider an epiural. The end. 

Moving on....

I still would love to have a baby through a birth center but everyone thinks I'm crazy and dangerous.  So, I'm going to hunt around and try to find a midwife/doctor that delivers in a hospital but will interfere as little as possible.  That's what I feel is healthiest for the baby and me.

So, this was a very disorganized post but at least it's in writing now. 


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Raven said...

I felt exactly the same, Alicia. As Calder was being born and right after, I was adamant that I would get an epidural next time. And then, you change your mind because you remember all the great things about going natural :) And you know that I certainly don't think a birth center is crazy and dangerous. Studies show them to be just as safe and often safer than a hospital for low-risk mothers and babies. But you have to do what feels right for you. You should be able to find some Certified Nurse Midwives that deliver in a hospital near you.