July 09, 2010

Another year older {and wiser too?}

Tomorrow I turn 26.  I know, I know - it's not that old.  It's just hard for me to believe that I am that old.  I have two kids, next month is my five year wedding anniversary, and I'm getting wrinkles!  How did this happen???  I mentally think of myself as 21 or maybe 22, definitely not 26!  But, I am trying to accept and embrace the aging process.  If I can at least 'age gracefully' maybe it won't be so bad.

So, with each birthday I tend to set goals for myself.  Most people do it at New Years but I do it on my birthday.  This is the list I've generated for this coming year:
  • Do at least one thoughtful act of service each week
  • Be perfect in my visiting teaching
  • Eliminate white sugars, white flour, and processed foods from my diet (or at least drastically reduce consumption).
  • Create a spreadsheet with traits I want my children to have and then generate ideas of how I can help them develop those characteristics.  {I'm a dork, I know!}
  • Start my own SEO business. (I'll explain in another post)
  • Be happier and more grateful. Smile and laugh at life more. (Not that I'm not happy, but I'm just generally trying to appreciate life.)
That's my birthday goal list for my 26th year.  A little embarrassing for me to share, but they say a goal not written is a goal not set.  So, hopefully, by sharing I have created a little more accountability and motivation.

The plans for tomorrow include 1) nap, 2) Thai food, 3) time with family, and 4) {hopefully} tennis AND 5) {maybe} beach.  Should be fun!         


Joe said...

I'll play tennis with you or watch your children while you play.

Tiffany Feger said...

well happy birthday! (tomorrow) and you're wiser. and have a perfect little set up there. a LOT to say for your 26 yers.

Lori said...

Call me and I'll meet you at the beach anytime. Except, I DO have an embarassingly long SOCK that I have to wear! Also, that book I lent you once talked about listing characteristics you want your kids to have and then setting about to develop them. You want to read it again?

Johnson Family said...

Happy Birthday Alicia! I'm so grateful to have you as my sister in-law. I appreciate your ability to be a friend to all, your fun personality, and good example. You're simply wonderful!

Unknown said...

I totally set goals at my birthday instead of New Year's... great minds, Alicia... great minds (even tho I do remember you always finishing that line as "great minds think for themselves" ;) ) And, unfortunately, I know what you mean about getting wrinkles. Sigh. Oh well, it can't be too bad if, at 28, I still get mistaken for a teenager.