June 10, 2009

Another New Job

No, I do not have job ADD! I am still working online for Tutor.com, but I am only able to schedule 6 - 8 hours a week and most of those are in the evenings. So, a much better opportunity came along and I jumped at the chance. I'm working online from home for Egg Systems doing search engine optimization for their website. Pretty much I'm trying to spread the word about their company and geothermal technology. I've also been writing articles, started a blog, have a twitter account, and more. It's fun so far - I do have to change up my routine to stay focused, but it hasn't been a problem. The convenience is priceless; I can work as much or little as I want and whenever I want. I try to work a couple hours before Sadie wakes up and then during her nap time. It's an answer to our prayers, really. Also, I'm learning a lot and feeling productive in life.


Joe said...

Have you made any money with your AdSense on your blog? Glad you are enjoying what you are doing. Julie got a job offer yesterday from a joint venture she audited the last couple years. They wanted some help getting ready for their audit for a few months near the end of the year and they told her she could do it from home so she will probably look into it.

Joe said...

Opps. I meant venture capitalist firm, not a joint venture.

Alicia said...

It's okay Joe, I wouldn't know the difference anyways.

I think I've earned 10 cents in the last week from those ads. I see them on blogs all the time and I was curious if people made any money. It was mostly just an experiment. I'll probably take them off in another week. The answer, by the way, is no, I do not think people are making much money.