June 09, 2009

A Small Glimpse Of The Future

I just got back from 5 days of being responsible for 4 children and 2 of them were age 1! We babysat for some family friends, the Emery's, while they were traveling and it was a whirlwind of a weekend. They have an energetic, adorable 1 year old; a brilliant, entertaining, extremely socially competent 6 year old; and a helpful, very tall and beautiful 14 year old. I'm happy to report that all children survived without any serious harm; Sadie did fall down their stairs, Fisher got sunburned, McKenzie had a bruise from accidentally kicking their cabinets, and Gabi had some type of cut - but all those things should heal with time.

Ben and I thought of it as a mini-vacation because they live in gigantic palace which happens to be close to the beach and my family. We were brave enough to take the kids to Chuck-e-cheese, the beach, in the pool 3 times, and to the farm by my parents. Kimmy came over to rescue me three of the five days and my mom came once, too. It was a lot of work, but a lot of fun, too!

These are the memorable events from this weekend:
  • Fisher getting into the ice machine every time I turned around.
  • Being late to church (which this family never is; they are the stake president's kids) and then only making it through 10 very loud minutes of sacrament meeting before we had to take both babies out! I had 100 pairs of eyes on me at all times marveling at my incompetence - very embarrassing!
  • Reading books to McKenzie at night.
  • Fisher sleeping with his knees bent under him and his bum up in the air.
  • Having to hold Sadie the entire time otherwise Fisher would beeline it for her attach her. Boys love to wrestle!
  • Cleaning up spilled soda - twice, water - once, and food off the floor - hourly.
Lori sent me an email the day after they got home and this is what she said, "It's nice to have someone that you can trust with your kids while you are gone. Didn't worry about them once. Only worried about you!" So true!


Joe said...

Too funny! Glad you survived and glad I now know why you were MIA on your blog for the last week. Tell Sadie that Uncle Joe, Aunt Julie and cousin Joseph are excited to see her. I can't believe we have kids. Could life be any better?

Unknown said...

You are brave! I remember babysitting for the Evans when Carol & Mitchell would take kid-less vacations... but I was kid-less myself! I am sure it is much more difficult having your own child with you as well. Glad you survived.. and had some fun, too :)

Lori said...

You forgot the bidet lesson as one of your highlights?????!!!!!!

Joe said...

Do share Alicia about your bidet lesson!

Alicia said...

Well Lori, I wasn't sure you'd appreciate me to sharing such a personal story. But, since you mention it, President Emery did give me a one-on-one lesson about the uses and luxuries associated with their bidet (which I called a duvet all week; and Ben snickered every time I said it). Ben and I each tried it twice and we concluded, in the words of Ben, "it takes a little getting use to."

Lori said...

For the record, the lesson was purely instructional, and I do NOT use that thing, myself!!!!!