June 10, 2009

Ode to Lori

Whyest can I never keep the floors clean?
Yet you can always get them to beam.

And whatest is thou trick for keeping Fisher out of the ice?
Why is it that I can never work your TV device?

And how can you be so sweet
When you never have time to eat and sleep?

When do you find the time to shower
I was running around every single hour.

What dost thou do when Fisher hits the gigantic TV and climbs on the table?
You are so patient and I'm worried he messed up your cable!

You drive your kids here and there and everywhere
and yet you always have a delciousest dinner ready

Howest is it that you are skinny and buff
when there is not even time to dust?

One dayest when I am old and grayeset
I hope you will share your secrets with me!

For I could not survive -
under the conditions in which you seem to thrive!

1 comment:

Lori said...

Too kind, too kind, Alicia. It's always harder at someone else's house. I forgot to tell you Fisher likes to hit the TV. We just ingore it and it seems to go away after a minute. We just hope he doesn't do any damage in the process. Also, Nate's parents can never figure out the cable, and they have the EXACT SAME REMOTE!!!!! Same one, I'm tellin' ya! Just wait until you have three of your own. You'll get it all straight. And you'll learn that sleep is overrated! :)