June 24, 2009

My First Wedding

My beloved and dearly admired sister-in-law, Sarah, is a fabulous photographer and has begun training me too. A dream has come true! Some people are born with overflowing, jaw-dropping talent and others have to brainstorm for hours to think of something that maybe with lots of time and outside help and training they may be slightly successful at. I am in the later category. Not that I am completely without ability, but I am more mediocre at a lot of things rather than exceptional in a few interesting categories. Okay, moving on.....Sarah has been saying for a while that it would be helpful to have another photographer when she does weddings - especially now that Mike is out of commission as he is the watcher-of-Ethan while Sarah works. So, Sarah has lovingly, graciously, and patiently been teaching me about photography for the past 6 months.

Well, about a month ago I had a chance to put my skills to the test at my very first wedding. There were gallons of adrenaline pumping through my body. Who knew photography could be such a thrill? It was a long, exhausting day but I really really enjoyed doing it and I hope that maybe one day (after lots of practice and lessons and help) I will be able to say that I am talented at photography. For a viewing of all the pictures, Sarah's included, you can check out her website. Here are some of the pictures I took and photoshop-enhanced from that day:

(The groom is my cousin - that's why Ben and Sadie were there.)

(I think Alan/Butch/My cousin looks like Michael, but no one else does)

(This is my Aunt Sharon and Uncle Alan aka Mother and Father of the Groom)

(For some reason I love to take pictures of shoes and feet. Sarah laughs every time I do it)

The end.

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Corinne said...

Hey! So, you just friended me on goodreads so I stopped by to check out your blog - SO CUTE! You've got a great style, it's really fun :) Anyway, glad to "meet" you :)