July 07, 2009

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

The past ten days we have spent visiting with family; enjoying their soft grass, cool nights, and magnificent scenery in good ole' Utah. At the beginning and end of the trip we visited with Christy, Joe, Julie and Quatro. The first day we went to a park by Ensign Peak and threw the frisby and football. Sadie absolutely loved and laughed her way through the hour we spent there, so on our return visit we took her back again. The park sits high against the hills and overlooks all of Salt Lake City. It's really breathtaking and the park is surprisingly unused.

(Above Christy and Sadie are seen on the ball field. Look at the view!)

(Joe tosses a ball to Ben. That's what brothers are for.)

(Joseph seen here smashing a ball to left field. He is in his element in the moment.)

(Cliffie came along for the festivities on our second visit. She was so kind to watch Baby Joseph in the shade so Julie could play, too.)

(Note here: I've never been able to get a fabulous picture of Cliffie and Sadie - after hundreds of attempts. This is the first picture I took of Cliffie and Baby Joseph and I think it's great. Why can't I get one like this for Sadie?)

(Sadie shown above loving every moment of the fun. She must have run a marathon this day. I think she thought we were having a giant Easter egg hunt.)

(Meanwhile Baby Joseph had fallen asleep. What a good baby he is!)

(Family Picture)

Much more of Utah to come! Still retouching the pictures....standby.


Joe said...

Great pictures! We had so much fun. Wish you guys could come back. I hope we have as much fun when we come to visit Florida. Tell Sadie that Uncle Joe says hi.

Lori said...

Those are the things we miss about Utah, as well. Mostly, the soft grass. And totally wishing I could have the cool nights when it comes trek time. Hope you guys are well. We'll have to plan another pool get together, if you are up to it? (Did you borrow Mike and Sarah's camera? Or did you get a new one of your own? :))

Kimmy said...

Heeeeyyyyy! Thats my shirt your wearing! give it back!

Alicia said...

I was hoping you wouldn't notice Kimmy! Forgive me.

Lori, yes, Mike and Sarah let me again borrow their camera. They're really nice like that. One day though I'll have one of my own :)