October 31, 2011

And it's not even Halloween yet....

We've been celebrating Halloween for weeks now.  Finally the actual day is here!  I think the kids think the holiday has already come and gone already.  We've done a fall festival, caramel apples, a pumpkin patch, joy school party, and Trunk or Treat.

Fall Festival
Walking through the corn maze at the fall festival.
Jax peeks from his stroller along the corn maze.
The kids enjoyed rolling these pumpkins around.
They would have done it the whole time if we had let them.
It's the simple things in life that are fun, I guess.
Going for a hay ride.  The kids did not so much enjoy it.
Petting a cow. The cow's friendliness made Ben a little nervous but Sadie loved it.  She's such an animal person.
Two second after this picture was taken I hit the ground and
stumbled and made a huge fool of myself in front of a lot of people.  So embarrassing!

For FHE we had the kids try on their costumes to see if they'd fit.  They loved it.  Sadie especially!  Then we made caramel apples.  Also, we had planned to carve pumpkins but ran out of time.  We still need to do that, come to think of it.   .

My 'helpers' feed each other sprinkles.

Sadie only wants to be a princess or a bunny.
So she was a bunny for Trunk or Treat and she's going to dress up as a princess tonight.
She loves it! She's such a girly girl.
These are just his PJs but aren't they cute?

Joy School
Sadie had a blast with all the activities at the special Halloween Joy School that Tiffany hosted.  They painted pumpkins, made pumpkins out of orange rice crispy treats, trick or treated in Tiffany's upstairs, had a lesson about brushing teeth (Tiffany is a dental hygenist), and more.  Sadie's been talking about it ever since.

They each had bags and knocked on doors in the upstairs to 'Trick or Treat'. 

Trying to insert scary teeth.  Sadie's look of confusion cracks me up.

Making the rice crispy treat pumpkins.

The four kids posing in their costumes.  From left to right: Noah, Issac, Sadie, and Emerson.

Trunk or Treat
I love her little expression in this picture.

I debated between a caption that said, 'Eat more chicken' or 'Got Milk?' 
Jax couldn't say trick or treat so he would walk up and bark, 'ruff ruff'.  So darling!

Ben and the kids with Sadie Tee after trunk or treating.

We're excited for the real thing tonight. Happy Halloween!

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