September 05, 2011

McKay is are you :)

Yesterday (9.4.11) was McKay's baby blessing day.  The poor little fella cried his eyes out. He started with a low whimper and by the end he was howling. As soon as Ben handed him back to me he fell right to sleep in my arms and was good the rest of the meeting.  Ben did a beautiful job, as always.

We dressed him in dark pants, white shirt, and tie - his father's request. He looked like a little missionary. It was darling.

The family congregated to our home after the meetings where we had a nice meal and lovely conversation.  I really do enjoy living close to family and having get togethers.  It's also great to have their support for events like this.

I hope McKay knows how much we love him and how blessed he is to have such a great extended family.  We sure adore the little guy!

I find this photo hilarious.
We had a very difficult time getting the kids to stay in position and this was the best we got.
They were two hours late for their naps and not in a cooperative mood.
Do you see Jax trying to eat grass, Sadie's pouty face, and
McKay looking stressed with his hand to his forehead?  Funny, I think.

Sadie was in a full, wailing cry by this point.  Poor kid was worn out!

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