August 29, 2011

Random Post

Quick update....

I think I'm settling into my new life. Thank goodness I've had so much help!  Hopefully I'll be able to do nice things for other people one day instead of just taking, taking, taking from everyone :)

Cliffie comes to town tomorrow. YEAH! I'm super excited for the help and company.  Ben and I have generated a long list of To Do When Cliffie Comes items.

My mom gave me a gift certificate as a baby present for a cleaning service and they came to clean my house today. How awesome is that?!?!?  It was great.  Too bad it will never happen again.

Sadie fell off a 6 or 7 foot landing last night at the park. She landed squarely on her back and the wind got knocked out of her and she passed out a little and had trouble coming back to. I thought I was going to die! She's fine though and perfectly normal and happy today. Thank goodness!!!

Here are random pictures from our lives lately....

We went with Cricchio to Bishop's farm to feed the horses.  Sadie LOVES animals!

McKay slept in the car and my mom helped with Jax.  Jax HATES animals.
You can't entirely tell in this pictures but he was crying to get away from the horse. 

They also had these fun kid rides to play on.  It was great fun!

The kids and I have had to get creative with all this extra time we have at the house.
One day I traced their cute little bodies and we made this lift size portrait of them.
It looks just like him, huh?

We've been reading a lot of books!  I think we have them all memorized now.

Jax doesn't like to sleep but loves to play with his trucks during his naptime.

This dry pasta, bowls, and spoons kept them occupied for nearly two hours!

These two totally love each other!
Julie, James, and Joseph came up earlier this week to help me out.
I was able to get loads done and the kids had a blast!
Julie also went grocery shopping and made us a delicious dinner.  Thanks Julie ;

Jax so has Ben's personality!

He loves to do his flips!

Cute little McKay with my dad.

Is it time for another one Joe?

James is learning to walk.  Guess how old he is....8 months.  WOW!

Learning the fundamentals of the great game of baseball.

All day long..."Can I hold him?"

Sadie: "Alicia (as she calls me) can you give me that book so I can read to MoeKay" (as she calls him).

Jax saying, "Cheese" as he waits to go to church. 

Yes, I've finally started the repentance process for all those Oreos I ate.  

He's the best dad ever.  The kids can't leave him alone.

She's growing up so quickly!  This was just before her fall.

He loves to go down the slides - Jax that is.

This picture was taken by Ben.  Very nice Ben!

Another Ben picture.  I like the motion of the sand.

I'm plump but this is me after having 3 babies in 4 years.  Will I ever be skinny again?

I am completely 100% in love with this baby!!!

He's lovely wouldn't you say?  If only he slept at night *sigh*.
Okay, that's the end of my randomness.  Life is good, oh so good!  Crazy but good :)


Raven said...

What a great post! Sounds like you're doing great and have a wonderful attitude. Thanks for the inspiration!

Sharla said...

What cute kids!! And you look great Alicia! Where do you find your energy? I'm just barely feeling like I'm back to 100%. You're amazing!