August 12, 2011

People are so nice!

I have been totally overwhelmed by the amount of people that have offered to help since the baby has been born.  There are so many really good people in the world.  I'm not always on the needy/receiving end of assistance, so I've been really touched by the generosity and kindness of others in my 'time of need'.  I was very worried about how this newborn period would go, but so far, it's been amazingly wonderful thanks to the support of everyone.

McKay has been a been a wonderful newborn, although, he does wake up frequently at night to eat.  We had his check up today and they said his growth was off the charts.  He's been gaining 2 - 3 ounces a day.    Apparently I produce very rich milk, and I guess all those night feedings are paying off.  He's a sweet, happy little guy.  And I know we just had a newborn a year ago, but it really is fun to have a newborn in the house again.

Sadie and Jax are doing great!  Sadie still adores the baby and Jax has been loving having Ben home to play with so much.  Ben's working two more half days next week and then I'm flying solo.  But, again, so many people have offered to help that I don't feel alone at all.  Let me see if I can list all the nice things that people have offered to do for us.  Hopefully I can remember it all.

  • My parents have helped in countless ways!  Here's a sampling: when we arrived home they had the house all clean, dinner ready, laundry done, pantry full, and kids happy.  My mom has been coming up to help with the kids and let me rest while Ben is at work.  She took Sadie on a little date on Wednesday to shop and get her hair cut.  They bring us food or send us home with leftovers.  Bought us a $50 giftcard for an Italian restaurant so we can get take out on the nights dinner is too stressful to make.  Etc., etc., etc.!  They are always doing something to help.  I'm so grateful for them!!
  • Marie Enfante is bringing us dessert tonight and coming over to socialize.  I love to socialize!
  • Dinners are being brought in my Sisters Ernest, Blank, and Martinez.  What a great help that is and this is my first time accepting the meals and I'm quite excited.
  • Cricchio is always doing something helpful whether it's jumping my car battery, babysitting my children at midnight so I could go to the hospital, or taking Sadie on play dates.  This morning she picked up Sadie and took her to the pool.  Sadie had a blast and is taking a great nap because of it!
  • Katie Tickner has also offered to watch Sadie and has helped answer nursing questions.  We're going there on Tuesday so Sadie and Jax can run off some energy.
  • Dawn Hodges has also offered her boys babysitting services and to watch Sadie and Jax so I can nap!  I've also appreciated her advice and supportive messages.
  • Bishop Smith who has been so flexible and understanding about Ben missing church lately.  He has so much on his plate and Ben always feels bad he can't do more to help him.
  • Sherry Wood gave us a donation of clothes, shoes, and baby supplies.  Jax is sporting some adorable little shoes now thanks to her.
  • Jenny Andersen has offered numerous times to babysit the kids so I could take a nap. 
  • Lori Emery who provided most of Jax's wardrobe which will now be McKay's wardrobe.  The clothes are adorable and still in excellent condition.  Did I mention they are adorable?  They are the cutest little clothes.  I'm so excited to have another boy so I can dress him up in all those great outfits again.
  • Sarah who took pictures at the hospital and is coming up on Monday to take newborn pictures.  Is there anything greater than a great picture of the ones you love?  I think not!  She has also offered to come up and take Sadie to the park.
  • Natalie, Ben's sister, has offered to fly out to help with the kids.  She is absolutely amazing with newborns and always fun to be with.  Do you think you'll still be able to come Natalie?
  • Julie, who has over an hours commute, is also going to come up and entertain the kids one day and has offered to make a meal.  Sadie always enjoys playing with Joseph!
  • Cliffie is coming from August 30th through September 9th  to help with the kids!  I can't wait.  I already have a list of things I want to get done while she's here.  She's a tremendous help and very easy to have around. 
  • Christy who came during those final weeks of the pregnancy to help out.  I seriously would have opted to be induced had she not come and provided a much needed distraction and some much needed rest!
  • All the kind comments, letters, and messages from people - Shannon, Raven, Sharla, Melanie, Becky, Grandma Johnson, Cliffie, and other friends and family.  They really were such a boost to me in those final weeks of pregnancy!
Anyways, I'm sure I could go on and will be thinking of more things all afternoon and kicking myself for forgetting to list it, but do you get the idea?  People are SO, SO, SO nice!!  It's really quite touching.  Hopefully I'll be able to return the favors one day or at least pay it forward.

Now, a few pictures of little McKay.....

2 days old

4 days old, first time at the dock

5 days old

First time at the park, look how tiny he is.

1 week old

Then you have the big brother.....

He seems to have grown up over night!

He's as happy and pleasant as ever!


Joe said...

LOVE 5 days old!

Raven said...

What a darling adorable baby! I love those first weeks. And isn't it amazing how your baby (Jax) seems huge when you bring home a newborn? Have fun, Alicia, and good luck!

Johnson Family said...

McKay looks so tiny in Ben's arms! He is so, so cute Alicia.
It is amazing how the baby of the family all of a sudden grows up within a few hours when you bring a newborn home. I experienced the same thing with Derek and Tyler. It is also wonderful to have clothes you can use again. My boys were born in the same week in September so everything I used for Derek was perfect for Tyler. It sounds like the same thing will happen with your boys.
Is the baby nursing for you Alicia? I know you were worried about that.
We thought it would be fun to come visit for McKay's blessing too, but didn't want to overwhelm you with our family. Maybe Christmas when you're feeling back to normal and the baby is older? We'll see how things work out.
I'm happy to hear so many people have been helping you. Heavenly Father is surely watching over you!

Unknown said...

Alicia, you are my hero! You are such an amazing woman, mother, wife, and sisiter-in-law ( I would rather just say sister!) Your family is blessed to have you! McKay is so precious and reminds me of a mini-Ben! I am also offering my services of coming out to help with the kids..of course, I will come with an instant play mate for Sadie. I am available any day from a Tuesday to a Sunday and would enjoy spending time with you. Let me know!

Courtney and Robbie Driver said...

Such a cute chunk! I'm going to be at your ward this Sunday-hopefully I'll get to see you!