August 02, 2011

Mother's Day Gift

Ben gave me the most wonderful present for Mother's Day this year.  It's taken me a while to remember to take a picture of it, but I finally did so thought I would blog it.

Drum roll, please....

It's a shoe shelf for the garage!  He even built it himself.  Impressive, wouldn't you say?

Sometimes I feel like it's raining crumbs and dirt in our house.  Literally, I could sweep every hour and fill my dustpan.  So, I've been wanting to institute a 'no shoes in the house' policy, but I felt I needed an organized place in the garage to put all our shoes before we could start living the new rule.

Well, Ben made my dreams come true!

So, I cleaned all the tile and even scrubbed the grout by hand (it took me three days!) and we've been living shoeless ever since.  (Note to self: I still need to get the carpets shampooed.)  The floors seem to be and stay at least a little cleaner now.  That makes me feel so happy!

Ben, shown above, deep in thought planning out the heights of his shelves.
Ben's little helper Sadie, shown above, giving the plywood a little artistic pizazz.

3 hours + $35 = A much cleaner house and a much happier Alicia!

So, there you have it. My most favorite Mother's Day gift of all time!

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Johnson Family said...

Way to go Ben! The shelf looks very nice and I'm sure keeps the shoes very organized. We keep our shoes in a basket in our coat closet because I like having shoes off in the house too, but it's hard to find what you want in the basket when you've got a gazillion other shoes in there.