July 23, 2011

Series of Photos

I think all the pictures in this post were taken within the same hour.  They make me laugh and capture what my life is like most days, so I thought I'd share.

Segment 1: I was in the bedroom setting up the port-a-crib for the new baby when I heard a loud bang.  The kids had knocked over the swing I had just carried in from the garage and were 'exploring'.

I can just hear Sadie saying to Jax, "No, no Jaxy - don't touch that" as she is touching it.
Jax: "Hmmm, what's this?"

Jax: "Cool, a binki.  Kindof tastes old and yucky but I could get use to this."

Jax: "Yup, I'm definitely putting this in a secret hiding place and saving it for later."

Segment 2: I was trying to make dinner and was loading a few dishes when I turned around to find a little helper.

Jax: "What Mom?!?  It just looked so inviting."

Jax: "Alright, I'll get out."

Jax: "Steady now, don't fall and hit your head like last time."

Jax: "I wish mom would just leave me naked.  These shorts are limiting my range of motion here!"

Jax: "Where are you floor?"

Jax: "Ahh, back on solid ground."

Jax: "Yup, sure thing Mom, I'll close this right up."

Jax: "See, I'm closing it and I won't do it again."

Jax: "Oh cool, I think this is the button I push that makes it make funny swishy sounds.  Score!"

Segment 3: Ben arrived home while Jax and I were reading books in his room and while dinner was in the oven and Sadie was watching Mickey Mouse club.

Jax: "Now I just want to sit in this chair and read my book."

Jax: "Wait, where'd I put that book?"

Jax: "I know it's around here somewhere!"

Jax: "Oh ya, there it is.  This isn't quite what I had in mind though."

Jax: "Mom will you read me this book?"

Ben arrives home.  His face ALWAYS lights up when he sees Ben!  

I was asking Ben to make him laugh so I could get a few good pictures of him.

After that Jax enjoyed having his dad read to him while I went on my merry way to finish dinner.

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Johnson Family said...

Having kids around sure does make life busy and fun. Bret and I often try to remember our early married years and wonder what we ever did with our time or for entertainment without our kids around.
We wish we had those cute cousins around to play with.