July 06, 2011

A Happy Fourth

My little beach bums!

A boy and his dad - they are so alike!

We call him Captain Jax Sparrow because of this hat and his clumsy walking.

These are two of the sweetest little boys God ever put on this earth.  I'm so happy they're family!

We tried for some pictures in the afternoon.  I didn't capture anything spectacular but these are a few to show Jax walking and the kids' cute personalities.  They are both so much fun right now!

He still walks with his hands up and flailing.

I really have my hands full lately!

Our attempt at a family picture.

I just love Sadie's expression here.
She was trying to get Jax to laugh and kept cracking herself up.

We watched the fireworks from the Courtney Campbell Causeway.
Jax slept through them and Sadie just wanted to play with her doll.
Ben and I enjoyed them, though.

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Johnson Family said...

You are so lucky to live near the beach. You can go anytime you want!
I love the pictures! Kids sure do make taking pictures fun and interesting.