July 22, 2011

The Day That Wouldn't End

The date was 7.20.2011.  It was a hot, humid and sunny July day.  Sadie was 3.5 years of age, weighing in at 28 pounds. Jax was 13 months, weighing in at 25 pounds.  I was exactly 1 week from my due date, weighing in at....well, nevermind that part.

We had a big day ahead of us.  The items of business included pick up item from friend's house, swim lessons, fire station play date, go to Mimi's house, get kids down for nap, Alicia go to doctor's appointment, make dinner, go to Rays game.  That's a lot for a 9 month pregnant woman who has to care for and carry two heavy children around.

Well, I went to leave for our first errand and guess what....dead car battery.  Our precious little Sadie had played in the car while I carried groceries in the day before and left the lights on.  This is probably the 5th time that's happened in the last two years.  You would think my learning curve would be a little better.  Well, I knocked on the neighbor's door but they weren't home.  So I called Stephanie Cricchio, a great friend who lives close by, to see if she could jump the car.  Luckily she was leaving for swim lessons (they go right before us) and said she'd swing by and help.  Well, my car was in the garage and it was so dead that we couldn't even get it to turn on to put it in neutral to back it out of the garage.  So, instead, we had to take everything out of the other side of the garage (lawn mower, trash can, stroller, pressure washer, saw, 40 lb. bag of fertilizer, etc) and squeeze her car in.  Well, the fit was so tight that she had to crawl in and out of her car window.  Did I mention she's 7 months pregnant yet?  No, I haven't.  She's 7 months pregnant.  Did I mention it was 95 degrees outside and 100% humidity and we're both extremely pregnant?  It was hot!  Anyways, luckily I didn't have to crawl in and out of the window but I did have to crawl in and our of the driver's side door.  It wasn't pretty.  Well, after much sweat and agony we got the car up and running.  I was so thankful to Cricchio!  

So, we went to swimming lessons.  Those are outside, too = more heat!  Sadie loved it though and did fabulous.  She's really starting to get good now.  Jax, however, really wanted to swim too which meant I kept having to stand up (not easy), walk (painful!), run after (almost impossible!!!), pick up (ouchie), and carry (exhausting) a hot, sweaty baby (did I mention it was like the hottest day of the year?) back to the shade and try to keep him from running off again.  Anyways, we all survived and Sadie loved it.

Then we went to the fire station.  Sadie is obsessed with fire trucks right now and we have a great friend in the ward who is a fireman, but their family is about to move to Utah so we thought we should go to the fire station and see the fire trucks before they leave.  Well, when we got to the fire station Sadie flipped out!  She was petrified and just wanted to leave.  I guess fire trucks are fun on TV and in books and as toys, but NOT in real life to her.  I should have just aborted mission but I knew once we got in there she would love it.  So, I put Jax in the stroller and called for Sadie but she would not get out of the car.  I talked to her reasonably, but she just wouldn't budge.  So, I ended up pushing the stroller with one hand and carrying her on my hip into the fire station.  Again, 9 months pregnant + hot, blazing heat + heavy, crying child = very difficult!  Well, after 5 or 10 minutes she did, in fact, warm up and ended up loving the experience.  She climbed the ladder, sat in the driver's seat, explored the ambulance, and toured the fire station.  Also, 'Dave the Fireman' happens to love babies and held Jax for me most of the time.  It was a kindness I will forever be grateful for!  

This is my hero Cricchio and Andrew spraying the hose

Dave holding his little buddy, Jax.

Sadie sitting in the back of the ambulance.

Jax thinking, "Um, where am I?"
After the fire station we went to my mom's house because I had a scheduled doctor's appointment.  I hadn't planned to, but I had a spare set of clothes in the car, so I took a quick shower to freshen up from my sweaty morning.  I had 45 minutes to shower, feed the kids, change the kids, and get the kids down for a nap.  Well, my mom ended up doing the feeding and getting Sadie down for a nap and I ran off to my appointment.

At my appointment I was informed I was 3 cm dilated, 80% effaced and a -1 station.  That was a boost to my spirits because I was worried I hadn't changed any from last week.  Last week I was 2 cm, 50% effaced and a -2 station.  My midwife said, "Most people are in labor with stats like that."  It gave me hope that the end is near.

After my appointment I headed back to the homestead.  Sadie was asleep for her nap so my mom suggested that I take a nap.  I took her up on the offer and I slept for 1.25 wonderful, beautiful hours.  When I woke up I felt so refreshed.  That may have been the best and most needed nap of my life!

Mom and I made pizzas for dinner and chocolate chip cookies - I'm not proud of the nutritional value of the food but it sure tasted good!

Ben came to my parent's house after work and he and Sadie went to the Rays game.  I told Sadie it was a special date night just for her and daddy.  She was thrilled.  I think she was most excited to get to ride in his car.  At least someone in the family thinks that car is special :)  She's convinced it's the coolest car in the world!  She was absolute BEAMING when her and Ben drove off!  Ben said she smiled the whole drive to the game and hundreds of people told him how adorable she was.  She really did look cute in her little Ray's shirt.  

Daddy daughter date night.

We were practicing her "Go Rays" cheer while Ben moved the car seat to his car.

She was so excited to ride in this beauty of a vehicle!

Jax and I relaxed with my mom for another hour before we headed home.  Jax loved being an only child and having our undivided attention.  He has a bit of a crush on my mom and really loves to play with her!

These two are the best of friends!
Jax and I arrived home around 9:30.  He went to bed easily and I had lots of energy, thanks to my afternoon nap, so I cleaned and packed bags and whatnot until Ben and Sadie arrived home around 11:30.  Sadie was still on a high from her night and she didn't get to sleep until past 12!  Ben and I layed down around 12:30.  Ben was asleep by 12:31 and at about 12:32 I had a contraction that knocked my socks off.  I spent the next almost two hours laying in bed thinking I was in labor.  I was having pretty strong contractions every 5 - 7 minutes apart.  I wanted to let Ben get a good nap and I wanted to be sure I was in labor before I woke him up.  I got out of bed around 2 and watched a TV show to get my mind off of the contractions.  Well, the contractions slowed down after I got up.  So, around 2:30 I decided to lay down again.  At 4AM I was awoken by more, very strong contractions and cramping.  They were very regular and around 5AM I finally woke Ben up.  Once I woke him up they started not being as strong, although, they were regular at every 3 - 4 minutes apart.  After 30 minutes they stopped, so I told him to go back to sleep.  I tried to fall asleep and did successfully sleep but woke up after 30 minutes with strong contractions again.  By this point it was 6:30AM and I was tired of laying in bed so I just got up.  I went on a walk and the contractions completely stopped.  So disappointing!  How disappointing - you just cannot imagine. It was just devastating.

Anyways, that was my never ending day.  And this is the never ending blog post.  I could go on about how the next day went, but really, is anyone even still reading?  

Although it was a hard day it could have been so much harder!  There were so many people that helped to ease my load.  Cricchio who climbed in and out of her car window 4 times, in the heat, and being 7 months pregnant to jump my car.  Dave and Leslie Ballard who held Jax for me the whole time at the fire station. My mom who watched my kids and let me take a much needed nap.  My dad who provided us with free tickets to the Rays game. And Ben who had Sadie all evening which allowed me to relax and get a lot of important things done.  I'm so thankful I know Heavenly Father is aware of me and my struggles and sends people to help me in my moments of need.  

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I read that whole post! Good luck with the baby - any moment now! I am sure Kimmy cannot stop thinking about you!