July 06, 2011

Will you pray for me?

....to go into labor?  

I'm 37 weeks today, aka, 'full term'.  I've pretty much been pregnant two years straight.  Well, I've been pregnant 18 of the past 21 months.  It's time for me to have my abdomen back for myself, don't you think?

With my last two pregnancies I was a week late and induced both times.  I desperately don't want to be induced again!  And, I really desperately don't want to have swollen feet, an achy back, sore hips, and non-restful sleep for another month.  

So, if you could remember me in your prayers I would really appreciate it.  But, don't forget, specifics are important when praying.  These are the items to mention 1) healthy baby (of course, the most important item) 2) safe delivery and 3) a child that nurses easily.  

Yes, I realize I should be asking you to pray for me to have an added measure of patience and strength.  But, really, I've been pretty patient, wouldn't you say?  I just want to hug and cuddle this baby and be me again.  Please, please, please pray for me to go into labor!  Much thanks :)

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Johnson Family said...

We'll definately keep you in our prayers Alicia! I hope the time goes by quickly for you before the baby comes and that you get plenty of rest.
You look beautiful Alicia!