July 15, 2011

I know 27 is not that old,

...I just can't believe I'm that old!

Can you guess what I wished for?  

Yup, I had another birthday. It's so strange to age because I still mentally feel about 21 or 22.  Oh well!

My birthday was on a Sunday this year which is usually my most stressful day of the week.  However, Ben took Jax all of 2nd and 3rd hour of church and had someone cover tithing and post-church meetings so he could come home with us.  It was so, so, so nice!!

The family (including Julie's parents) came over in the afternoon for Thai food - panang, spring rolls, and mangoes and sticky rice for dessert.   The toddlers (Ethan, Joseph, and Sadie) were majorly disappointed that there wasn't a cake at my birthday party so I gave them some ice cream instead of mangoes. They appreciated that - a lot!

These were the leftovers spring rolls.  We made a few too many.

It's become tradition to let all the little kids have a turn at blowing out the candles.


Johnson Family said...

What a yummy dinner and dessert! I'd never tasted mangoes until I went to the Philippines, and now they are my favorite. They are the best and a perfect treat for dessert.
Again, Happy Birthday. I hope your wish comes true!

Unknown said...

Oh- I wish I could taste those spring rolls right now. I miss making thai food with you and mom. Maybe we can while I'm home. :)

P.S. Great pictures!