August 22, 2011

Life with 3

It was the best of times, it was the busiest of times, it was the age of giggles, it was the age of tears, it was the epoch of obedience, it was the epoch of rebellion, it was the season of sleepless nights, it was the season of sleepy days, it was the spring of hope, it is now the summer of survival, it will soon be the autumn of hope.

So, people keep asking me how things are going.  Hard to answer that question.  Usually things are going pretty good.  There are two stressful times of the day: 12-1PM and 4-6PM.  But, thankfully, I've had lots of help and the children are still alive and thriving.  

Sadie has good and bad moments all through the day - hence, the introduction.  She is starting to be a little aggressive towards Jax and is not sharing as well as she once had.  I'm trying my best to be patient, but I know she knows how to behave and it's bothering me that she's not always making better choices.  Part of the problem is I'm fiercely protective of Jax and it really upsets me when she is unkind to him, so maybe I make too big a deal of things I just can't tolerate the least bit of unkindness.  And usually she is pretty good.  In the mornings she loves to hold him (see picture below) and they play together nicely in her room.  But, by late afternoon things start to fall apart.  Any advice or tips you have would be welcomed :)

Jax loves Sadie's attention!
Thankfully, Jax is extremely patient and loving with everyone and everything.  He definitely struggles and is more prone to fussiness in the late afternoon but he is usually happy the rest of the day.  He is in a really adorable stage right now and I just can't get enough of his cute personality.  I worry I'm not giving him as much attention as he deserves, but I don't think he minds being a little more independent.    

Then there's McKay.  Why have I not appreciated newborns until now?  With Sadie and Jax I felt so stressed during those early weeks.  It felt like a time to endure and get through.  This time around I am loving it!  I just want to sit and rock him all day long.  He is a fabulous nurser, but not a fabulous sleeper.  I jokingly say to Ben, "We spent way too much time praying for a nursing child and not nearly enough time praying for a sleepy child."  I don't mind much, though.  I just sit and rock and nurse and think, "Please don't grow up, please don't grow up."  Although, he has just developed a skin infection with little blisters on his abdomen which reminds me how fragile newborns are and now I'm thinking it would be nice to have him older and stronger so I won't worry so much about his health.  

Anyways, he's a really good baby and quite handsome.  He came out looking like the other two but has a completely unique look to him now.  He cluster feeds all afternoon from 4 - 8PM, but other than during that time he is quite content.  He definitely loves to be held but I don't mind holding him.  Every morning he looks different and bigger.  As of Friday, when we has two and a half weeks old, he was up to 9 lbs. and 3 ozs.  He's growing quickly but I'm trying my best to enjoy him as much as possible while he's so sweet and tiny.  


Raven said...

First of all, I love that first picture of McKay! What a darling boy. And, secondly, I agree 100% about the newborn thing. With Easton, I feel like I have just thoroughly enjoyed every bit of his newborn stage. I just couldn't (and still can't) get enough of him! I think by baby 3, we're just not as stressed out by newborn things and so we can really appreciate all their sweetness :) Good luck, my friend!

Lori said...

Thanks for the update! I was just wondering how you were doing with three, and then this post. Really, I should have just called. Second, your first paragraph was the beginning of my Valedictory speech in high school. Only, a LITTLE different!

Valerie said...

McKay is such a cutie!! Good luck getting adjusted to 3 kiddos! You'll have it down in no time :)

Johnson Family said...

I love McKay's newborn pictures, especially the one of you two together. So precious!
I don't know about how to solve the issue with Sadie. I do remember though that my kids had a hard time sharing after their younger sibling started walking and being more independent. Then they didn't tolerate the sharing as easily. There's always times throughout the day though when the kids get along perfectly and then an argument and crying breaks out, and then they go back to playing together again. It is hard and hurts when the children don't get along. I never realized that until having my own children now and the sometimes unkind things they do to a brother or sister.
You're doing great Alicia!