September 24, 2011

An Evening at the Pool

Summer is starting to draw to a close.  I will be sad to see it go.  We love our evenings at the pool.  It's such a refreshing and calming end to a beautiful summers day.  It will be nice to have cooler fall weather soon, though.  We'll be able to take walks and visit the parks again.  That will be fun, too.  And soon enough it will be summer again and we'll be able to take all three kiddos swimming.  There are great times up ahead, that's for sure. 


Johnson Family said...

Sadie looks so comfortable with the water. It helps to be near a pool so you can go often. I think my kids have had a little trouble being independent in the water because we haven't taken them swimming enough and then they tend to forget what they learned after a week of swimming lessons. Maybe one day they'll swim on their own.

Tiffany Feger said...

mckay looks so little and so cute!!!