September 16, 2011

Joy School

Sadie had her first day of Joy School this past Wednesday.

She would not pose with this sign.  This was the best picture I could capture!  
Does it look like a mug shot to you?

Joy School is just a value based parent led preschool.  We're actually only doing it once a week and then once a week we're going to do a lesson with just our own child at home.  I think this is the perfect thing for Sadie.  She's definitely not ready for 'real' preschool but I felt like I wanted to get her in some type of slightly structured program.  I hope she'll like it.  All three moms stayed the first week, I'm teaching next week, and the week after she'll need to fly solo.  I hope there won't be tears :)

Captured quickly as we were leaving for Joy School.
She would only wear this dress and loved wearing her backpack.
She was not thrilled about going.  I've been mentioning it to her for the past week and she would get upset and tell me, "No, I don't want to go."  On her first morning she refused to get dressed, eat breakfast, go to the bathroom, etc. It was quite a fight to get her out the door and we were 20 minutes late because of it.  However, once we got there she had a fabulous time.  They had free play, did painting, had their lesson, read books, had a snack, and played tag outside.  The other two students, Emerson and Issac, were fabulous with her and included her in everything.  I think she'll love it once she warms up to the idea of it!  Yeah for Joy School!


Johnson Family said...

The first picture of Sadie is hilarious! Definately one you should show her one day.
Happy preschooling!

Unknown said...

I agree with Shannon. First picture is so great. :) I'm glad she's learning to like "school" though. When is it your turn to teach?