September 12, 2011

Dear Grandma Cliffie

Dear Grandma,

I cried my eyes out the whole drive home from the airport.  Finally Mom told me if I would stop crying that I could watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Well, I did stop after that, but my heart was still sad inside.

Your bed is still sitting in my room and I look at it longingly and ask my mom if you are coming back.  She says you are but she's not sure when....maybe Christmas or sometime next year?  That will be so fun!  I sure liked having you as a roommate.  It made me feel safe and happy.

It was also fun to have my hair done so beautifully every day.  I think it's really amazing how you can sleep with those weird circles things in your hair.  Are you sure they don't hurt your head?  

I had so much fun at the pool, at the baseball game, and at the library.  Mom's too nervous to go out by herself with us three kids and I miss going places and doing things.  She'll get brave again soon though I think.

I love you,



Dear Grandma Fhe-Fhe,

Boy do I miss you!

I sure get a lot of nice compliments about my new haircut.  You did a very nice job.  Hopefully Mom will be able to remember what you taught her so I can always have nicely trimmed hair.

When I was crying in my crib tonight I thought of you and how you rocked me to sleep.  I thought, "If Grandma were here she wouldn't let me cry." But Dad said he had already rocked me for 45 minutes and enough was enough.  But don't worry - I only cried for 5 minutes and then went to sleep.  I just do it because I like their attention :)  I'm not really upset though!

Sadie says that you're probably going to come visit at Christmas!  Is it true?!?!  I'll sure be looking forward to you reading me books, playing with the balls, and cooking us yummy food.  I won't forget you - I promise!

Your loving perfect grandson,



Oh Grandma Cliffie,

My mom fed me way more often and was sure a lot happier when you were around!  Now she keeps telling me to 'hold on' and 'wait just a minute'.  It's just not the same without you here.

But Jax told me that you are definitely coming at Christmas!  I'm so excited.  I'll try not to change too much in the next few months.  Mom says I'm not allowed to grow up and I'm trying not to but it just keeps happening.  I'll try harder though.

It was nice how you always held me and made me smile.  You're sure a great grandma and I really love you.

Why does my mom always dress me in embarrassing outfits?
Will you talk to her about that?
See you soon,

Baby McKay


We love you Grandma Cliffie!  
Thanks for coming and thanks for all your help!!!


Natalie said...

This is the cutest post! Mom cried when she read it. Thanks for having her out there. I think the visit was so good for her. I can't wait for my turn...only about 3 more weeks!

Unknown said...

That really was one of your best posts Alicia! It sounds like everyone had a great time with Grandma Cliffie!